Saturday, November 7, 2015

Born Pretty Round and Rectangle Stamper Review

Good Morning!

  Today I have a review of some stampers purchased from the Born Pretty Store. I've been seeing these around some of the nail art groups and have been wanting to try them for a while. Normally shipping from Born Pretty takes about 4-5 weeks, but I ordered these on October 16th and received them November 5th which was much faster than I had expected. Definitely a good thing!

The links to these stampers can be found here:

  These stampers were right out of the package, and my first time working with them.
  The round stamper is a nice size, not quite as large as a Creative Stamper, but it's still a good size. As you can see, the description on the website categorizes both sets it as  "marshmallow" but I don't really think I'd call it a marshmallow as it's not really as sticky as a marshmallow, or at least not like the marshmallows I have from Chelle We Stamp (you can see my review of Chelle We Stampers Here) and FabUrNails, so to me these are more like super soft jelly stampers.
  Both sets of stampers did require some priming for it to pick up well; I tried to cleanse the round one with some alcohol and my lint roller, but after a few tries of that, I resorted to using a fine grit nail file to prime it, which did the trick for the most part. There were still some bald spots where the image wasn't picked up cleanly, so I will keep working on it.  
  The rectangle stampers also required priming, and I did those a little differently. I ended up using a fine grit nail file, but then I used acetone to wipe them off, and in the video I just did it once, I've since done it a second time and they pick up much better now.
  As for the scraper, I started out liking it, but noticed that it had some ridges along the edges which didn't allow the polish to be scraped off cleanly, so I ditched it and went back to my regular gift/debit card method. 

Overall, these are nice stampers, but not my favorites, and I'd probably recommend going with the other stampers I mentioned above. I'm kind of spoiled with the stampers that I haven't had to prime, that are just ready to go out of the package, however, the stampers from the Born Pretty Store are a less expensive alternative, and seem to be more readily available.  

Thanks for watching, cheers til next time! xoxo


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