Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review of Ellagee's Lickity Split Latex Free Mani Mask

I recently had a comment on my video review of Simply Peel by Bliss Kiss asking if I knew about a latex free nail art barrier, so I did some searching and came across Ellagee's Licity Split Latex Free Mani Mask, which is both latex and rubber free. I hadn't tried the product at the time of the comment and reply, but I was really curious about it and had to try it out for myself. As of this post, I've used it several times and would definitely recommend it for my fellow nail art lovers who suffer from an allergy or sensitivity to latex/rubber based products.
As I will show you in the video, it's a little thicker than a latex based product, however, it does flow more easily, so you will want to start out with a very thin coat to get the feel for how it applies. I recommend that you don't start too close to your cuticle area when applying it or it can flood over onto your nail plate. Because it's thicker, it will dry slower than it's latex based counterparts, about 3-5 minutes depending on how much you apply. It is shiny when it's wet, and will be matte when it's dry, smooth to the touch, and is easily removed.
As an observation, I noted when I first opened the bottle and went to apply it, the bristles on the brush were very stiff. I worked the brush out, bending it back and forth firmly and it softened right up, making it much easier to apply the product. I haven't noticed it being stiff again since I've used it several times, so I wouldn't let that dissuade you from purchasing it. 
It comes in a full 15ml bottle for about $7.00 with shipping of about $3.50 in the United States (as of today's post).

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