Friday, March 27, 2015

Sinful Colors - A Trip Through My Helmer Continued

Purchased by me

Today I have more Sinful Colors for A Trip Through My Helmer. Hopefully you're not board with them, these are my last ones. :-)

This Lyin Nails - a beautiful red shimmer polish. This photo is two coats with no top coat. Lyin Nails could easily be a one coater, but I like using two which, in my opinion, really brings out true colors, shimmer, and depth of a polish. The formula for this polish is right on track with the typically good consistency of Sinful Colors. You can see some of my other reviews on Sinful Colors here and here

And this is Blue By You, a stunning blue shimmer with a slight greenish shift in the light, which was difficult for me to pick up.  This is also two coats with no top coat. This one was a wee bit of a stainer, but it didn't last too long, so don't let dissuade you from purchasing it if you're a blue lover like me. :-)
You can find Sinful Colors at Wal-MartWalgreensRite Aid and probably your other local drug stores. 
Cheers til next time! xoxo

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