Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sinful Colors - The Sugar Rush Collection

These were a gift through a FB exhange

Today is Part 2 of A Trip Through My Helmer and the Sugar Rush Collection from Sinful Colors. As I sat down to work on this, I realized that I'm short one polish from this collection which is Sweet Tooth, a lovely light purple which is slightly darker from Candy Coated, which you can see here
Nevertheless, onward we go with what remaining polishes of this lovely set I do have. 
Again, these have no top coats on them, I wanted to give you an idea of how lustrous they are without. 

First up is Sweet Tooth, a fresh bright blue that has a slight shimmer, and this photo features two regular coats. 
This is Unicorn, a beautiful sunny yellow cream. Unicorn was quite thin, and required three coats for opacity. I also noticed that it left a bit of a tint on my skin and nails, so if you snag this from somewhere, be sure to apply carefully and I'd recommend two coats of a base coat. 
 This is probably one of my favorites, next to Sugar Rush - this bright fuschia with a slight shimmer is properly named Sugar N Spice - it's a fun, feminine color, with a little bit of sass in the brightness of it.

The formulas for these polishes were just as great as the others - no trouble with application, brush sizes were perfect and while they streak a bit at first, they leveled out very nicely. Dry time was awesome as well. Again, these are great drugstore polishes, and for about $2 (when they're not on sale for $1) they're perfect for wearing alone or for sporting nail art. 
You can find Sinful Colors at Wal-Mart, WalgreensRite Aid and probably your other local drug stores. 
Cheers til next time! xoxo

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