Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Nail Polish Blogger Connection Link Up

One of the lovely ladies in the Facebook group The Nail Polish Blogger Connection Link Up had a wonderful idea to link up our blogs and share some of our favorite posts and write a little about ourselves. 
If you've come across my blog from that link up, Welcome and Thank you! You should definitely check out the other blogs in our link up, we've got some amazing and talented bloggers in our group. It's been so wonderful being apart of such a classy group, I've learned so much! 

One of my first nail art challenges in December 2012

This was one of my first blogger review posts/photos from January 2013

 I have a little about me already written, which you can find here, but I've answered a few questions that we use in our group, to help get to know our members. 

  What is the focus of your blog? (Nail art, stamping, swatching, blended, etc.)

My main focus is on nail art, polish reviews and swatches. Occasionally I include some other product reviews that I've received from Influenster, but for the most part it's all about the nail polish :-)

  What other blogs were/are inspirational to you?

There are several blogs that have really inspired me to blog more and better. The Crumpet is foremost the most influential blog that inspired me, especially when I was just getting started; she has a great style, and I have always admired her swatches, as well as her content. She's not afraid to write her mind, and her honesty is definitely something to be commended and admired.
Nail art from late 2013
 Accio Lacquer, Swatch and LearnLacquer or Leave Her! Be Happy and Buy Polish, and The Mercurial Magpie have also been some of the amazing blogs that have and continue to inspire me. Their photos especially keep me working for better images. 

 What is your polish Holy Grail?

I have two, Poshe and HK Girl top coat, because they dry so quickly and Poshe especially helps to dry the layers of polish, so I'm good to go in about 5 minutes - it doesn't dry the polish completely in 5 minutes, but it's dry to the touch. 
One of my more recent swatches from 2014

Share a link or two to a couple of posts that you're especially proud of

My journey has been really slow, but I'm really proud of how far I've come, and blogging has been a great hobby for my passion of nail polish and nail art. 
Don't forget to check out the other amazing blogs in our link up! 

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