Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sinful Colors - Hottie

Over the weekend, I finally got my polish collection organized in my helmer and photos uploaded onto Snupps  and I decided to work through all my polishes and blog them. With any luck, that will help my hypothetical "no-buy" (yes, yes, I know that's a dirty word!) 
So, let's take a trip through my helmer and starting with the top drawer, which is over-the-counter polishes, I have the lovely Sinful Colors Hottie, which is a blue jelly glitter. The glitter is just gorgeous and you can pick up blue, purple and a slight hint of green in the light. 
I used Hottie by itself, with a starter of two thin coats, then sponged the glitter on to get better coverage, then applied another thin coat, and topped it off with Poshe topcoat. 
The first photo is in my lightbox, and the second is in direct sunlight. 
You can see that even with the glitter sponged on and another coat of the polish, it's still rather sheer in direct sunlight. But honestly, it wouldn't stop me from recommending it for blue glitter lovers. 
The formula for this polish is wonderful; the brush is just the right size and fans out nicely, the polish applies evenly and no need for fishing for glitter, and it dries reasonably well. Seeing as how it's a glitter polish, it was a little topcoat hungry, but two coats of Poshe smoothed it out nicely. 
I'll have another Sinful Colors polish for you next time. This brand was one of the first ones that led to my polish addiction. While I've turned into a hard-core indie lover, this brand will always have a place in my polish addicted heart. You can find this line at various locations such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart. 
Cheers til next time! :-) xoxo

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