Saturday, February 14, 2015

Simply Peel - Simply Awesome!

New Release!
OMG I have such an exciting new product to show you today! **Please be advised, there is a LATEX ALLERGY alert for this product** (sorry latex-intolerant peeps!) 

I was so excited to be given a sample of NailCareHQ's new creation of Simply Peel to use and review, which is designed to be a multi-purpose product. Simply Peel is designed to be used as a skin barrier with your regular cuticle remover, with nail art, and can also be used as a peel-off base coat for nail polish. 

Ana, who we know as the face behind the nail life changing Bliss Kiss Nail Oil, has been working tirelessly on this product for a while, and this is her own recipe.

Oh yeah, by the way, it's sparkly :-) Say whaaaa?!? Glitter in your latex barrier?!? Why yes please, and thank you!
Here is a gradient I did with Simply Peel - you can see it in action in the video below. 

Here are the instructions which accompanied the product sample:

Allergy Alert: Do not use if you have a latex allergy.

Simple Peel(TM) Directions with Cuticle Remover
  1. Apply a thin layer around your nail plate starting with pinkie finger. Ana likes to start at the midpoint of the cuticle line and pull to one side, then repeat on the other side.
  2. Continue to remaining 4 fingers. If you get some on your nail plate, use and orange wood stick to remove before it dries. 
  3. Immediately rinse the brush in water before sealing the bottle
  4. Allow to dry 90 to 120 second until you sparkle (Yes kids, you read that correctly...until you SPARKLE!)
  5. Apply cuticle remover to nail plate following the manufacturers directions. The cuticle remove will turn Simply Peel white again, but does not penetrate your skin.
  6. Gently slide your remover tool across the nail plate to loosen the cuticle cells. Do not apply downward pressure with your tool.
  7. Continue with the other 4 fingers
  8. Wash off cuticle remover
  9. Rub edge of Simply Peel with your finger and peel. 
Tips For Use With Nail Art
  • Apply a thin layer around your nail plate to every other finger. Latex sticks to itself
  • Use non-latex sponges for gradients
  • Simply Peel can also be used as a peel-off base that lasts about 10 hours. It doesn't make it through the shower. 
  • If your brush gets gunked up, cleanse it with a sticker remover like Goo Gone. 
I did a video for you, so you can see it in action. 

Simply Peel is available in a 15ml bottle for $11.99 on NailCareHQ, available today, February 14th. 
Happy Valentine's Day to our nails!!!!

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