Friday, December 18, 2015

Influenster - Silkn Flash&Go Review

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I have an amazing product for review to share with you. 
I'm a member of Influenster, which is a fabulous site that you can right reviews of products and be considered for their VoxBox in which they send you products, based on answers to surveys they send you, and you write reviews on those products. It's completely free from top to bottom, so if you'd like to sign up and give it a try, here's a link to sign up under my referral code. Referral Link to Join Influenster Sometimes it takes a while to receive a survey, I think I was signed up for almost 9 months before I got my first one, but the more social media platforms you're connected to, and the more reviews you write on their site, the better your chances are. I've received some amazing products. 
Anyhoo, I received probably one of the most awesome products to review, the Silkn' Flash&Go Express hair removal device complimentary from Influenster. 

I was both really excited to try this, and a little skeptical as it's a light based hair removal process, and honestly I've heard some horror stories about these kinds of DIY at home removal systems. 
However, I'm very pleased to report that this system has worked wonderfully for me, without any adverse side effects so far. 
This process takes about 6 weeks to start noticing dramatic improvements in hair removal, however I've been using it diligently, per the instructions and have been having great results. The product itself is easy to use, with clear instructions that are easy to follow. 
I decided to start with my underarms, and while I was sorta tempted to take before and after photos, I decided against it :-D. So far I've noticed a significant difference in the rate of growth of the hair, and that it's starting to become lighter in color and thinner. I haven't had to shave nearly as often, and have had no irritation of any kind during use, and no discoloration of my skin. 
There's also a 10% off code if you decide to purchase! Use NOHAIR at until the end of January 2016!
It's very important to remember to follow the directions regarding the use of these kinds of products; I YouTubed some videos on this product and found that many of the users were upping their usage schedules or increasing the exposure times. While their results were mostly positive, I would strongly encourage anyone who purchases this product to stick with the instructions. To me, it's not worth the risk of damaging your skin, but that's just me. 
I'll keep you updated as I complete the process and move on to other areas! 
Cheers til next time!


Friday, December 11, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Winter

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well our theme for this week is Winter which is my favorite season, even in the rainy Pacific Northwest. And since I'm doing the challenge every other week and going to miss the Christmas challenge next week, I'm combinging both :-D

In this mani, I used China Glaze Merry Berry (the wine red) and Winter Holly, (green glitter)  Smitten Polish Nimbus (dove gray holo) and Ruby White Tips Sting (blue jelly). Stamping polishes are Born Pretty black and white with UberChic's new Christmas 01 stamping plate.

Don't forget to check out all the amazing manis the other artists have created! These are some seriously awesome ladies with incredible talent! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and safe holidays! 
Cheers til next time! xoxo

Saturday, November 28, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Comics or Cartoons

Good Morning!
I'm a bit late on this post challenge, it was a crazy Thanksgiving week! Working retail definitely steps up the pace.
This challenge was for cartoons or comics, and I chose cartoons - specifically, Phineas and Ferb, as it's one of our family's favorite cartoons. And when I say our family, I mean even my husband and I will watch it when we are doing chores around the house and our daughter isn't around ;-)

Phineas and Ferb is a wonderful cartoon, one of the few cartoons with truly pure, positive messages for young people.
I decided to hand paint Phineaus, Ferb, their sister Candace (who is always trying to bust their crazy mad inventions to their mother) and the family pet, Perry the Platypus.

Not my best hand painting skills, but they turned out pretty well considering I didn't have a guide. 
The mani features a base coat, and the images are all acrylic paint. 

Hope you all have had a wonderful week and hope that you have a restful weekend! 
Cheers til next time! xoxo
Don't forget to check out all the other wonderful artists with their interpretations of this challenge!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - November 13 Your Work

Good Morning!
I'm a bit late to the party with this post, but I've gotten it done :-)
This week's challenge post is about our work.  I work for T-Mobile in Operations, and one part of my job is the help with holiday merchandising changeouts. We just changed our store signs to reflect the holiday seasons and and I was very pleased to see that I had a stamp from It Girl Nail Art Stamping Plates, IG102, that was similar to one of our designs.
My bases are Zoya Purity on my first and ring finger stamped with IG102 and Mundo de Unas purple, Ruby White Tips Here's To Season 4 which is the PERFECT color for my T-Mobile theme.  The ring finger is acrylic paint to make the insignia.
And, just in case you're interested, here's the link to T-Mobile - our Uncarrier X has just been launched - can you say TV streaming that doesn't count against your mobile data? Yeah, you should check it out :-)
Don'[t forget to check out the other amazing artists that have also worked hard on their challenges!
Cheers til next time! xoxo

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Born Pretty Round and Rectangle Stamper Review

Good Morning!

  Today I have a review of some stampers purchased from the Born Pretty Store. I've been seeing these around some of the nail art groups and have been wanting to try them for a while. Normally shipping from Born Pretty takes about 4-5 weeks, but I ordered these on October 16th and received them November 5th which was much faster than I had expected. Definitely a good thing!

The links to these stampers can be found here:

  These stampers were right out of the package, and my first time working with them.
  The round stamper is a nice size, not quite as large as a Creative Stamper, but it's still a good size. As you can see, the description on the website categorizes both sets it as  "marshmallow" but I don't really think I'd call it a marshmallow as it's not really as sticky as a marshmallow, or at least not like the marshmallows I have from Chelle We Stamp (you can see my review of Chelle We Stampers Here) and FabUrNails, so to me these are more like super soft jelly stampers.
  Both sets of stampers did require some priming for it to pick up well; I tried to cleanse the round one with some alcohol and my lint roller, but after a few tries of that, I resorted to using a fine grit nail file to prime it, which did the trick for the most part. There were still some bald spots where the image wasn't picked up cleanly, so I will keep working on it.  
  The rectangle stampers also required priming, and I did those a little differently. I ended up using a fine grit nail file, but then I used acetone to wipe them off, and in the video I just did it once, I've since done it a second time and they pick up much better now.
  As for the scraper, I started out liking it, but noticed that it had some ridges along the edges which didn't allow the polish to be scraped off cleanly, so I ditched it and went back to my regular gift/debit card method. 

Overall, these are nice stampers, but not my favorites, and I'd probably recommend going with the other stampers I mentioned above. I'm kind of spoiled with the stampers that I haven't had to prime, that are just ready to go out of the package, however, the stampers from the Born Pretty Store are a less expensive alternative, and seem to be more readily available.  

Thanks for watching, cheers til next time! xoxo


Friday, October 30, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas October 30 - Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! 

This weeks' challenge idea was Halloween.  I've been on such a stamping kick, that my hand painting skills have gotten a bit rusty, but after perusing some videos for Halloween nails, I came across some of Robin Moses' videos. That woman just absolutely floors me with her skills, she's just amazing. 
The video I copied for my mani can be found here.
And here is my version. 

Polishes used were OPI Vant To Bite My Neck? Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl, and Ruby White Tips Kick Ass Topcoat. Then I used acrylic paints to create the pumpkins and witches. 

Hope you guys have a wonderful and safe Halloween! Don't forget to check out the other amazing artists!
Cheers til next time!

Friday, October 16, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas October 16 - Geeks

This week's challenge theme is Geeks and let me tell you, it was hard to pick what I wanted to geek-out on!
So, I decided on Harry Potter. I've been on a binge watching these movies over again, they're just so good!

Polishes used are from Above The Curve inspired by Harry Potter, with the exception of the first finger, which is Above The Curve Family. 
The stamp is from My Online Shop, JR 31, and the stamping polish is Handy Nail Art. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review of Ellagee's Lickity Split Latex Free Mani Mask

I recently had a comment on my video review of Simply Peel by Bliss Kiss asking if I knew about a latex free nail art barrier, so I did some searching and came across Ellagee's Licity Split Latex Free Mani Mask, which is both latex and rubber free. I hadn't tried the product at the time of the comment and reply, but I was really curious about it and had to try it out for myself. As of this post, I've used it several times and would definitely recommend it for my fellow nail art lovers who suffer from an allergy or sensitivity to latex/rubber based products.
As I will show you in the video, it's a little thicker than a latex based product, however, it does flow more easily, so you will want to start out with a very thin coat to get the feel for how it applies. I recommend that you don't start too close to your cuticle area when applying it or it can flood over onto your nail plate. Because it's thicker, it will dry slower than it's latex based counterparts, about 3-5 minutes depending on how much you apply. It is shiny when it's wet, and will be matte when it's dry, smooth to the touch, and is easily removed.
As an observation, I noted when I first opened the bottle and went to apply it, the bristles on the brush were very stiff. I worked the brush out, bending it back and forth firmly and it softened right up, making it much easier to apply the product. I haven't noticed it being stiff again since I've used it several times, so I wouldn't let that dissuade you from purchasing it. 
It comes in a full 15ml bottle for about $7.00 with shipping of about $3.50 in the United States (as of today's post).

Friday, October 2, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hobbies

I first became interested in nail art a couple of years ago from a Facebook group, which at the time was called the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge. I was astounded by the ladies and their nail art, it was just amazing all the talented artists and bloggers - it was amazing to see all the different interpretations of the challenges.
That group is now the Crumpet's Nail Tarts, and from that group has born the NEW Crumpets Nail Tarts 40 Great Nail Art Ideas, a 52 week challenge for nail art. Bloggers and nail art lovers alike have to come together to explore their interpretations and ideas about the challenge ideas, and push their art skills into high gear. Two different categories were available, Colors with Patterns and Themes. I've chosen to participate in Themes, with the every other week challenge prompts.

Our first challenge is Hobbies, and while I have a few hobbies, I still enjoy nail art and polish the most. I did a couple of different manis to represent this challenge, but I decided on these two. The first is a literal interpretation - polish and nail art. The first mani is a combination of stamping and painting, with a couple of my favorite indie polish brands. On my first and ring finger is 6 Harts Swim Through the Deep Skies (1st)  stamped with  It Girl Nail Art plate 103 and a silver stamping polish from Handy Nail Art and Rio Helado (ring) stamped with the same It Girl plate and a teal Handy Nail Art polish.
My middle finger is Ruby White Tips Here's to Season 4 (now discontinued), and a hand-painted polish bottle. And finally my pinkie is Orly Mirrorball, a polish I've been after for a while.

I couldn't not include this mani, because it's one of my most favorite and laborious ones as it took me several hours to complete. These are decals made with my Uberchic mat and It Girl Nail Art plate 101 and filled in with Color Club holos.  

I'm looking forward to the other challenges and what I can come up with!
Don't forget to check out the other participants and check out our IG and Pintrest. 

Cheers til next time!

An InLinkz Link-up


 Our Pintrest Page

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015


Today I have a new product and new shop to show you! I'm very pleased to introduce cuticle fizzies by Cuticakes

Here's a little bit about Cuticakes from their Who We Are page: "cuticle softening fizzies with high quality organic oils and materials. All the products are sourced by us from reputable sources right here in the USA! We love small businesses here within the USA and never outsource, thus keeping our economy booming." 

Ok, on to the good stuff!! I received several flavors of Cuticakes, but by far one of my favorites (ok that's a lie, they're all my favorites) is the Chocolate Bunny, or as I like to refer it it as, the Exploding Chocolate Bunny. This fabulous little fizzie not only left my fingers feeling fine, but also left my whole room smelling like brownies! 

Cuticakes has found a perfect balance between the right amount of oils and fragrance - not to oily, but it definitely leaves your skin feeling moisturized and smells wonderful without being overpowering. They have some other lovely flavors and shapes such as Fruity Bear, Salt Shell, Lemon Meringue Fish  and Beach Vacation (which is another I've tried and it's also AMAZING!) 

Cuticakes can also be found on Facebook where you can see more videos and reviews from others who love Cuticakes as much as I do!

Cheers til next time

Friday, August 7, 2015


Well, shockingly enough, I'm still alive! After a long unplanned hiatus, it's time to get this blogging thing rolling again. I've got so many polishes to show you!!!!!

Let's just get started with a new-to-me indie brand called Mango Bunny which is owned and operated by a very lovely couple whom I've had the pleasure of visiting with and I love finding indie polishes that hail from my own Pacific Northwest! Their polishes, quite frankly, are stunning, and I have two to show you today.
These polishes are Iris You Were Here (purple) and Hand L'Ocean (blue) which are from her Sunkissed Neon Collection from this summer. If you're looking to have a little bit of summer on your hand year round, these polishes, my friend, are definitely for you!
Hand L'Ocean is a beautiful summer ocean blue with gold flakies, and Iris You Were Here is the perfect bright purple with the same gold flakies. The photos, my friends, don't do them justice. These photos were taken under open sunlight.  In both the top and bottom photo, I used three regular coats of polish and a topcoat. 

Naturally, I had to do some art with them. This one is stamped with Moon Nail Art Supply's Handy Nail Art in Fuchsia and Light Blue and a stamping plate which I now cannot find (sorry). The shiny glittery product you see around my nails is the awesomeness Simply Peel from Bliss Kiss,  which frankly, I don't do any nail art without anymore. It's the most awesome latex barrier for nail art and cuticle care I've found. 

This one is a gradient of both polishes, which came out so much better than I imagined. I sponged these two together, and it took a few applications to get the look I was happy with, and topped it off with a quick dry top coat. This photo was taken with a lightbox. 

Both of these polishes applied so very well, and where opaque with three regular coats; the brush applied the polish perfectly and there's no fishing for the flakies, they float well and are plentiful in each application. 
You can also find Mango Bunny on Facebook which has wonderful photos of some of the other polishes available, as well as some links to awesome bloggers and their thoughts. 

Cheers til next time! (which will hopefully not be months later!) 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sinful Colors - A Trip Through My Helmer Continued

Purchased by me

Today I have more Sinful Colors for A Trip Through My Helmer. Hopefully you're not board with them, these are my last ones. :-)

This Lyin Nails - a beautiful red shimmer polish. This photo is two coats with no top coat. Lyin Nails could easily be a one coater, but I like using two which, in my opinion, really brings out true colors, shimmer, and depth of a polish. The formula for this polish is right on track with the typically good consistency of Sinful Colors. You can see some of my other reviews on Sinful Colors here and here

And this is Blue By You, a stunning blue shimmer with a slight greenish shift in the light, which was difficult for me to pick up.  This is also two coats with no top coat. This one was a wee bit of a stainer, but it didn't last too long, so don't let dissuade you from purchasing it if you're a blue lover like me. :-)
You can find Sinful Colors at Wal-MartWalgreensRite Aid and probably your other local drug stores. 
Cheers til next time! xoxo

Friday, March 20, 2015

Responding to Comments

I everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not able to reply to comments at the moment. I'm not sure what's going on, but I can't make a comment or reply to them without logging in, but then it doesn't log me in to reply. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting, I'm trying to get this resolved!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sinful Colors - The Sugar Rush Collection

These were a gift through a FB exhange

Today is Part 2 of A Trip Through My Helmer and the Sugar Rush Collection from Sinful Colors. As I sat down to work on this, I realized that I'm short one polish from this collection which is Sweet Tooth, a lovely light purple which is slightly darker from Candy Coated, which you can see here
Nevertheless, onward we go with what remaining polishes of this lovely set I do have. 
Again, these have no top coats on them, I wanted to give you an idea of how lustrous they are without. 

First up is Sweet Tooth, a fresh bright blue that has a slight shimmer, and this photo features two regular coats. 
This is Unicorn, a beautiful sunny yellow cream. Unicorn was quite thin, and required three coats for opacity. I also noticed that it left a bit of a tint on my skin and nails, so if you snag this from somewhere, be sure to apply carefully and I'd recommend two coats of a base coat. 
 This is probably one of my favorites, next to Sugar Rush - this bright fuschia with a slight shimmer is properly named Sugar N Spice - it's a fun, feminine color, with a little bit of sass in the brightness of it.

The formulas for these polishes were just as great as the others - no trouble with application, brush sizes were perfect and while they streak a bit at first, they leveled out very nicely. Dry time was awesome as well. Again, these are great drugstore polishes, and for about $2 (when they're not on sale for $1) they're perfect for wearing alone or for sporting nail art. 
You can find Sinful Colors at Wal-Mart, WalgreensRite Aid and probably your other local drug stores. 
Cheers til next time! xoxo

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sinful Colors - The Candy Coated Collection

These were a gift through a FB exchange

Today in A Trip Through My Helmer I'm going to show you the first half of my Sugar Rush Collection by Sinful Colors, and in my opinion, it's one of the best collections they've made. This collection was released around February 2013 and I really wish they would release it again. There's obvious re-releases in some of these colors under other names, so I don't see why they wouldn't just release the collection again. They're timeless colors for spring and summer, in my opinion.
All of these swatches feature three coats of polish and no top coat. Most of them have a slight shimmer, which was really difficult for me to capture. The brushes were nice and flared out nicely for me and formula for these polishes was easy to work with, though they are a bit thin and sheer, which is why it took three coats to reach opacity.

First up is Candy Coated, a lovely light lavender

Next is Cotton Candy, aptly named for it's popping, sweet pink color

This lovely robin egg blue is Sugar Rush - such a fresh, clean color! This polish is a cream, with no shimmer. 

This is Orange Cream; isn't it yummy looking?? I feel like I want an orangesicle now!

You can find Sinful Colors at stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Rite Aid. This collection has been discontinued, but again, you can often find similar (if not the same colors) under different names re-released by Sinful Colors. 
Hope you have a lovely Sunday! Cheers til next time, xoxo

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sinful Colors - Hottie

Over the weekend, I finally got my polish collection organized in my helmer and photos uploaded onto Snupps  and I decided to work through all my polishes and blog them. With any luck, that will help my hypothetical "no-buy" (yes, yes, I know that's a dirty word!) 
So, let's take a trip through my helmer and starting with the top drawer, which is over-the-counter polishes, I have the lovely Sinful Colors Hottie, which is a blue jelly glitter. The glitter is just gorgeous and you can pick up blue, purple and a slight hint of green in the light. 
I used Hottie by itself, with a starter of two thin coats, then sponged the glitter on to get better coverage, then applied another thin coat, and topped it off with Poshe topcoat. 
The first photo is in my lightbox, and the second is in direct sunlight. 
You can see that even with the glitter sponged on and another coat of the polish, it's still rather sheer in direct sunlight. But honestly, it wouldn't stop me from recommending it for blue glitter lovers. 
The formula for this polish is wonderful; the brush is just the right size and fans out nicely, the polish applies evenly and no need for fishing for glitter, and it dries reasonably well. Seeing as how it's a glitter polish, it was a little topcoat hungry, but two coats of Poshe smoothed it out nicely. 
I'll have another Sinful Colors polish for you next time. This brand was one of the first ones that led to my polish addiction. While I've turned into a hard-core indie lover, this brand will always have a place in my polish addicted heart. You can find this line at various locations such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart. 
Cheers til next time! :-) xoxo

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hearts - The Crafty Nail Link Up

Two posts in one week?!? Say WHAAAA?? :-)

Here is my contribution to the NailLinkup from the awesome Crafty Nail - HEARTS!
I used Ruby White Tips Mildred, a stunning blue-purple shifty base with blue and green micro glitter (with a few mini round blue glitters) and another RWT, not yet released polish called Socially Unacceptable, a stunning metallic silver. I stamped with Socially Unacceptable and Cheeky plate #15
I also used Simply Peel from the makers of Bliss Kiss nail oil when I stamped to help with clean up, You can check out more info and my review along with a video of Simply Peel here.  

I was so happy how this turned out! 
Don't forget to check out the other amazing bloggers who contributed to this awesome nail art inspiration! 
Cheers til next time! xoxo

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Simply Peel - Simply Awesome!

New Release!
OMG I have such an exciting new product to show you today! **Please be advised, there is a LATEX ALLERGY alert for this product** (sorry latex-intolerant peeps!) 

I was so excited to be given a sample of NailCareHQ's new creation of Simply Peel to use and review, which is designed to be a multi-purpose product. Simply Peel is designed to be used as a skin barrier with your regular cuticle remover, with nail art, and can also be used as a peel-off base coat for nail polish. 

Ana, who we know as the face behind the nail life changing Bliss Kiss Nail Oil, has been working tirelessly on this product for a while, and this is her own recipe.

Oh yeah, by the way, it's sparkly :-) Say whaaaa?!? Glitter in your latex barrier?!? Why yes please, and thank you!
Here is a gradient I did with Simply Peel - you can see it in action in the video below. 

Here are the instructions which accompanied the product sample:

Allergy Alert: Do not use if you have a latex allergy.

Simple Peel(TM) Directions with Cuticle Remover
  1. Apply a thin layer around your nail plate starting with pinkie finger. Ana likes to start at the midpoint of the cuticle line and pull to one side, then repeat on the other side.
  2. Continue to remaining 4 fingers. If you get some on your nail plate, use and orange wood stick to remove before it dries. 
  3. Immediately rinse the brush in water before sealing the bottle
  4. Allow to dry 90 to 120 second until you sparkle (Yes kids, you read that correctly...until you SPARKLE!)
  5. Apply cuticle remover to nail plate following the manufacturers directions. The cuticle remove will turn Simply Peel white again, but does not penetrate your skin.
  6. Gently slide your remover tool across the nail plate to loosen the cuticle cells. Do not apply downward pressure with your tool.
  7. Continue with the other 4 fingers
  8. Wash off cuticle remover
  9. Rub edge of Simply Peel with your finger and peel. 
Tips For Use With Nail Art
  • Apply a thin layer around your nail plate to every other finger. Latex sticks to itself
  • Use non-latex sponges for gradients
  • Simply Peel can also be used as a peel-off base that lasts about 10 hours. It doesn't make it through the shower. 
  • If your brush gets gunked up, cleanse it with a sticker remover like Goo Gone. 
I did a video for you, so you can see it in action. 

Simply Peel is available in a 15ml bottle for $11.99 on NailCareHQ, available today, February 14th. 
Happy Valentine's Day to our nails!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fresh Start Morning Vitality Fusion

I'm totally behind on blogging for my Influenster! Yikes!
 I received a coupon for bag of Fresh Start Morning Vitality Fusion smoothie mix, which has blend has mango, nectarine, sweet potato and carrot. The coupon was for a 35oz bag from Wal-Mart, and normally the bag runs around $8-$9. Currently, that bag has made approximately 6 smoothies. 
 I was a little skeptical at first, mostly because I have a terrible sweet tooth and like my smoothies typically with fruit and non-fat yogurt. But I was very pleasantly surprised at the flavor and balance of fruit and veggies in this mix, and I will probably purchase it in the future. The directions for making a smoothie with this product are:
Mix in blender,
  1. cup of Fusion mix
     1. cup of water (can use juice if preferred)

      Blend for 30 seconds or until smooth. 

This is a great smoothie mix, it doesn't taste bitter or plain - it has really nice flavor, and the fruits and veggies mix well. 
You can see how I make my smoothies here, I like to use orange juice and add a little bit of whey isolate protein. 

This was definitely a great product to test. 
I received these products complementary from Influenster for testing purposes 
Rader Farms can be found on their websiteFacebook  and Twitter
Cheers til next time! xoxo

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nail Art Ideas Linkup

I love nail art challenges, but I'm so bad at finishing them! After searching around the other day for challenge, I came upon one from The Crafty Nail that looked like fun, without the pressure of sticking to a challenge - my kinda link up!
Here is the inspiration for ideas for this link up
The Crafty Nail
And here is my interpretation of this week's idea - hot pink courtesy of KB Shimmer's 2014 limited edition anniversary trio. I used all three of their polishes, Beach Please (hot pink) Shore Thing ("aqua-mint cream with blue-green undertones") and Hexy Bikini (EPIC holo glitter) 
I used Beach Please and Shore Thing on my first and ring fingers to make water-marble decals from Betty's Beauty Bombs (tutorial found here),  and straight nail vinyls from on my pinkie and thumb. I had a few smudges in the water-marble decals, as this was my first go at them, but overall I'm really happy with them, it's a great technique. 
My pinkie has a base of Beach Please with Shore Thing on top, and the opposite on my thumb. I LOVE how Shore Thing brings out the purple leanings in Beach Please, it shifts it just a little, without compromising the color entirely. 

And HELLOOOOO sexy Hexy! I mean seriously, how awesome is that glitter??!? Two coats, my polish loving friends, TWO coats - regular coats too, not some heavy handed shove-all-the-glitter-on-there brushing. If you love glitter, and frankly if you don't...well, let's not go's a must have. 
All three of these polishes can be found on their website, Their polish formula is just fabulous, easy to apply, dries well and quickly, and their brushes are wonderful. 

Don't forget to check out the other blogs in the link up!
Cheers til next time xoxo

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Nail Polish Blogger Connection Link Up

One of the lovely ladies in the Facebook group The Nail Polish Blogger Connection Link Up had a wonderful idea to link up our blogs and share some of our favorite posts and write a little about ourselves. 
If you've come across my blog from that link up, Welcome and Thank you! You should definitely check out the other blogs in our link up, we've got some amazing and talented bloggers in our group. It's been so wonderful being apart of such a classy group, I've learned so much! 

One of my first nail art challenges in December 2012

This was one of my first blogger review posts/photos from January 2013

 I have a little about me already written, which you can find here, but I've answered a few questions that we use in our group, to help get to know our members. 

  What is the focus of your blog? (Nail art, stamping, swatching, blended, etc.)

My main focus is on nail art, polish reviews and swatches. Occasionally I include some other product reviews that I've received from Influenster, but for the most part it's all about the nail polish :-)

  What other blogs were/are inspirational to you?

There are several blogs that have really inspired me to blog more and better. The Crumpet is foremost the most influential blog that inspired me, especially when I was just getting started; she has a great style, and I have always admired her swatches, as well as her content. She's not afraid to write her mind, and her honesty is definitely something to be commended and admired.
Nail art from late 2013
 Accio Lacquer, Swatch and LearnLacquer or Leave Her! Be Happy and Buy Polish, and The Mercurial Magpie have also been some of the amazing blogs that have and continue to inspire me. Their photos especially keep me working for better images. 

 What is your polish Holy Grail?

I have two, Poshe and HK Girl top coat, because they dry so quickly and Poshe especially helps to dry the layers of polish, so I'm good to go in about 5 minutes - it doesn't dry the polish completely in 5 minutes, but it's dry to the touch. 
One of my more recent swatches from 2014

Share a link or two to a couple of posts that you're especially proud of

My journey has been really slow, but I'm really proud of how far I've come, and blogging has been a great hobby for my passion of nail polish and nail art. 
Don't forget to check out the other amazing blogs in our link up! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

DIY Stamping Plate Backing

I purchased a series of stamping plates a few months back on AliExpress from this Seller, (I think they are out of stock of these plates at the moment) and these plates don't have any kind backing on them, it's just the metal plate. While the plates aren't exactly sharp, they aren't that smooth around the edges, so I wanted a backing on them.
After looking around online, I went to my local hardware store and found some acrylic sheeting, courtesy of two very nice associates who sold me a scrap piece. Then, I measured it according to the size I wanted for my plates, scored it with a sharp box cutter and glued them to my plates.
The video will show you my first attempt at these. It got a little easier as I went along, though I decided to only do a few of my plates, and keep looking for other ideas.

Cheers til next time! xoxo

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stamping Decals

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season.
I've been drawn more and more into creating nail decals with my stamping plates, and have had a couple of semi-successful go's at it, but today I have a decal that I'm really happy with.
My base is two regular coats of Different Dimensions  The Lovers, The Dreamers, And Me with a top coat of Glisten&Glows HK Girl.
Next, I used MoYou London's Mother Nature Plate 07 with Moon Nails Supply nail art stamping polish in black. Then I cleaned up the image a bit with some non-acetone polish and filled it in with Sally Hansen Color Foil polishes in Pink Platinum, Sterling Silver, and Leaden Lilac and applied a top coat while it was still on my stamper. 

I was really pleased how well this turned out, and these were my only tries! I can already tell I'm definitely going to get hooked on doing more decals. My next task is seeing if I can make them ahead of time and saving them for a future use. 

As a side note, I've submitted a few of my links to Random Nail Art which is an AWESOME site run by the every so lovely and sweet Alessandra of The Sparkle Queen. Her blog is very, very cool and if you have nail art you'd like to share, you should definitely check it out!

Have a great week everyone! Cheers til next time xoxo