Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This Is My Tiara! And It's SOOOO Sparkly!

Today I have a most lovely and sparkly silver holographic polish from Smitten Polish called This Is My Tiara! This polish was inspired from Amy in the TV series, The Big Bang Theory. 
Source: Butterflies' Corner
I'm pretty sure the expressions on her face accurately reflect all glitter polish lovers worldwide! I know it surely did mine when I put this amazing polish on!
I decided to use an undie with TIMT, only because I was needing some instant gratification with glitter and didn't want to take the time to experiment how many coats it would take to have full coverage, I'll do a review on that aspect of this polish another time. 
I started with one thin coat of Nimbus, which is also from Smitten Polish (review on that to follow later), allowed that to dry for about 15 minutes, and started in with a regular coat of This Is My Tiara!
The formula is wonderful, with an excellent amount of glitter on the brush each time it's pulled out - not too much to make it chunky, not too little to required multiple coats, and I was able to achieve coverage in two coats. I was really surprised with clean up, glitters are such a pain to clean up, but these glitters came off really well with my brush and acetone. 
I got to play with my new Otto light for this picture, so I would attribute this photo as being what the polish would look like in sunlight. Don't let that disappoint you, it's just as beautiful in natural light.

Smitten Polish has definitely made this polish one of a kind, and a must have for any glitter lover. 
You should definitely check them out! You purchase their polish at, Smitten Polish on Big Cartel and peek at others who are smitten with their Smittens on  Facebook and Instagram, along with restocks and previews of upcoming products. 

Cheers til next time! xoxo

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