Saturday, November 22, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate

Today I have a beautiful stamping plate sent to me for review from the Born Pretty Store. This is the Dancing Peacock Theme which was just released this fall as part of a series of new plates. 

This plate is etched very well, and it was easy to use and pick up the images. The edges of the plates are smooth, I didn't have to worry about cutting my fingers. I used a couple of different stampers, one marshmallow, the Double Sided Squishy Stamper from Llarowe, and the Pueen Stamper, all of which did well with this plate. 
The base is Smitten Polish Nimbus and stamped with Orly Quo in Celestial Star
As you can see from the plate in my hand, the middle image is more than wide and long enough to cover nails up for the challenge. Mine are neither, but it still makes a pretty scene without it being obviously meant for larger nails.
Over all I'm really happy with this plate, and I'm looking forward to using the other plates from the same release date.
You can find all kinds of things at the  Born Pretty Store; nail art, polish, beauty products and accessories, cell phone accessories - it's a pretty awesome shop - you won't be sorry when you check it out!
Cheers until next time! xoxo

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