Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Nails - Born Pretty Nail Decals

Happy Halloween everyone!
Well it looks like my scheduled posts have gone awry, so this Halloween mani is a bit behind the curve. 
Today I have some Halloween water decals sent from Born Pretty Store for review. I've tried a few other decals from them before and these have been just as fun and easy to work with as the previous ones. 
They're pretty simple to work with. They are small enough that you can cut them out from the sheet and use the ones that you want, then simply peel off the clear protective layer over the top of the decals and either dip them into a glass of water or you can take a cotton ball and soak the paper with water. You want to make sure that you soak the decal adequately for it to loosen from the backing, I would estimate about 30 to 40 seconds for the decal to become loose, then you can take a pair of fine nose tweezers and remove the decal from the paper and apply to your nail. Placement can be a little bit tricky, as they tend to want to stick with where they initially make contact with the nail, but the good thing to this is the decals aren't usually very big and so you can kind of gauge where you want to set them before actually placing them on the nail. 
One of the things I like best about these decals is that they respond very well to a variety of polishes and they react well to top coats. I didn't get any sliding when I apply the topcoat and there was no wrinkling or bubbles.
The decals you see here are over a OOAK from Polish Addict which turned out to be a fabulous fall/Halloween polish. 


These decals are a lot of fun. And Born Pretty has a large selection to choose from, pretty much any kind of decal for any occasion or theme that you could think of. The best part is you can usually find them on sale for around $.99 apiece. 
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween! Be sure to eat lots of candy and trick-or-treat safely!! 
Cheers until next time! Xoxo

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