Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ellison's Organics - Bigger On The Inside

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Purchased by Me

Today I have a lovely royal blue jelly polish inspired by Doctor Who from Ellison's Organics, LLC called Bigger On The Inside from the Doctor Who inspired collection. And oh boy is it ever! 
This photo features my Cinderella hand with two coats of Bigger On The Inside, with another Ellison's Organics polish called Cast Your Care-ibbeans Away (more on that polish later) on my ring finger, also two coats. I used Poshe top coat, as I feel it does the best job for jelly-like polishes. The formula was smooth and easy to apply, and dried quickly. 
This was my palette for Doctor Who inspired nail art. 

And back to my regular hand for this photo :-) My ring finger features the TARDIS which I made as a nail decal. I first took a plastic ziplock bag and painted a coat Simply Quick Top Coat from Nail HQ Bliss Kiss, then a coat of Cast Your Care-ibbeans Away. I used a black fine tipped Sharpie to free hand the TARDIS, then filled it in with Bigger On The Inside and white acrylic paint to brighten the windows. I sealed it with another coat of top coat, waited about 20 minutes for it to set up, then used the top coat over my nail to apply the decal and added a final top coat to seal it all together. 
I'm really impressed with how easy Bigger On The Inside was to use for the nail decal. I don't usually use polish anymore since I got hooked on acrylic paint to do art, but BOTI accepted that challenge with flying colors. 
The stamping on the rest of my nails is Handy Nail Art Polish in white and gold from Moon Nails Supply. The stars in white are Pueen 60 from Pueen 2014 Buffet Plate from Amazon.com and the gold swirls are Nail Craze NC02.  
Ellison's Organics can be found on EtsyFacebook Twitter, and Ellison's Organics Blog. There's also a Newsletter Sign Up which I highly recommend if you'd like to keep your eyes out for updates. 
She's got some other fabulous polishes, including more from her Doctor Who inspired collection, plus other beauty products such as soap, bath salts, salves, and lip balms. 

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