Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ellison's Organics - Bigger On The Inside

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Purchased by Me

Today I have a lovely royal blue jelly polish inspired by Doctor Who from Ellison's Organics, LLC called Bigger On The Inside from the Doctor Who inspired collection. And oh boy is it ever! 
This photo features my Cinderella hand with two coats of Bigger On The Inside, with another Ellison's Organics polish called Cast Your Care-ibbeans Away (more on that polish later) on my ring finger, also two coats. I used Poshe top coat, as I feel it does the best job for jelly-like polishes. The formula was smooth and easy to apply, and dried quickly. 
This was my palette for Doctor Who inspired nail art. 

And back to my regular hand for this photo :-) My ring finger features the TARDIS which I made as a nail decal. I first took a plastic ziplock bag and painted a coat Simply Quick Top Coat from Nail HQ Bliss Kiss, then a coat of Cast Your Care-ibbeans Away. I used a black fine tipped Sharpie to free hand the TARDIS, then filled it in with Bigger On The Inside and white acrylic paint to brighten the windows. I sealed it with another coat of top coat, waited about 20 minutes for it to set up, then used the top coat over my nail to apply the decal and added a final top coat to seal it all together. 
I'm really impressed with how easy Bigger On The Inside was to use for the nail decal. I don't usually use polish anymore since I got hooked on acrylic paint to do art, but BOTI accepted that challenge with flying colors. 
The stamping on the rest of my nails is Handy Nail Art Polish in white and gold from Moon Nails Supply. The stars in white are Pueen 60 from Pueen 2014 Buffet Plate from Amazon.com and the gold swirls are Nail Craze NC02.  
Ellison's Organics can be found on EtsyFacebook Twitter, and Ellison's Organics Blog. There's also a Newsletter Sign Up which I highly recommend if you'd like to keep your eyes out for updates. 
She's got some other fabulous polishes, including more from her Doctor Who inspired collection, plus other beauty products such as soap, bath salts, salves, and lip balms. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Coffee Break

Today, my friends, I'm taking a break from polish for this post to write about another love of mine...coffee!!!
If you've been reading my blog for very long, you'll know that I participate on a website called Influenster which gives members a chance to fill out survey's which can potentially lead to participating in product testing and reviews. I've been a member for about 2 years now, and have received some really great products such as an Avon facial care product from the TLC VoxBox, a new Pilot Rollerball ink pen and NYC Lipcolor from the Uni VoxBox, and one of Colgate's teeth whitening systems in the Optic White VoxBox.
Today's review, courtesy of Influenster, is a new Keurig 2.0 model K550 which was provided by Influenster for free, to test and review.
And here is my lovely new gizmo.
<img src="filename.gif" alt="Keurig 2.0 K550">
On to the review - it's a long one, so grab a cup of your favorite beverage and take a peek. 

Attractive Mouthfeel/Body, Smooth Taste, Balanced Acidity, Exceptional/Interesting Flavor, Pleasing Aroma, Pleasing Roast, One Cup Brewing, Carafe Option, Not Bitter, Brews Quickly
Unnecessary Features, Limits Coffee Selection, No Reusable Coffee Filter
   General Overview: The machine is beautiful, and so far brews coffee with the same level of quality as the previous two models I've owned over the past 6 years. It has a digital touch screen face, and the screen is large enough that it's user friendly but isn't obnoxious. 

Carafe: The carafe option to brew between 2-4 cups is great and long overdue, ideal for situations where you want more than one without having to get up to make another, or guests and don't want to brew individual cups. The carafe included in the box fits nicely against the main unit, and the larger k-cups meant for the carafe are used in the same fashion as their regular, one-cup counterparts. It brewed quickly and quietly, though the carafe I received isn't stainless steel, and didn't hold the heat of the coffee in it for very long, even when I 'primed' by letting it set for about 15 minutes with hot water in it.

Fun Features:I think the additional features (bells and whistles) such as choosing a screen saver, the color selection for the water reservoir may be fun, but in my opinion unnecessary.

  Using K-Cups: This Keurig has a digital reading method to brew, and this means that it scans the top of the coffee pod to activate the hot water brew, it no longer works by just popping the k-cup in and press "Brew" button. Unfortunately, this means that if your k-cup of choice doesn't have the Keurig seal of approval on it, the 2.0 won't brew it. 
The DRM style restrictions on the 'authorized k-cup' brands is a disappointing feature. Also gone is the Keurig reusable filter, and after speaking with Keurig's Customer Service, they have confirmed that there is no plans to make a reusable filter for this model because "it's not compatible with the digital technology for this system." Hmmm. While I'm not a digital tech, that doesn't really sound logical to me, but whatever. 
 My family and I enjoy several of the 'authorized' brands, but also enjoy a few others outside of the plastic k-cup styles, that we switch back and forth with, which will now not be permitted in the 2.0. Continued use of the 2.0 will ultimately depend on how affordable the 'authorized' brands stay. The limitation will probably not affect me too much, again depending on affordability of the coffee brands allowed. However, I do think that this will hinder Keurig's image and ability to continue to reach a broad consumer base. Consumers who choose not to use the 'authorized' brands will most likely either choose an older model Keurig, or select a different personal brewing system brand.
Bottom Line: While I will continue to recommend the Keurig brand, based on my positive experiences with the older models, and so far this 2.0, I will definitely ensure my listener(s)/readers know about the restrictions on the 2.0 to 'authorized k-cup' brands. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Daily Hues Lacquer, beautiful CeCe

I have been fortunate enough to meet some really amazing people in my local polish Facebook group, and even more fortunate (or not so fortunate for my wallet) is that some of those awesome peeps are indie polish makers.
In this post, I'm very pleased to show you a polish from Jenn, who is one of those awesome peoples, at Daily Hues Nail Lacquer. This beautiful, deep blue polish is CeCe.

CeCe has a wonderful formula, easy to apply and the dry time is great. It is a little sheer, so my photo features three regular coats, with a top coat of Glisten & Glow's HK Girl. You all know my affinity for blue nail polish, so this one was really a must-have no-brainer for me. :-) 
And because ALL holographics belong in the sun, here ya go! 

You can also find Daily Hues Nail Lacquer on Facebook , TwitterInstagram, and Jenn's blog at Nail Art Jenn. She's got a beautiful selection of polishes, and for Seahawks fans - yes, yes she has your 13thMan colors, giving you yet another reason to go check our her shop!

Happy Weekend everyone! xoxo

These products were purchased by me for personal use and enjoyment. I was not compensated in any manner for this review and all opinions are formed from my personal experience. My experience with these polishes/products are unique and may not be shared by other consumers. Applications vary from person to person along with the products used in conjunction with this product.