Thursday, July 10, 2014

Red Carpet Gel Polish Application

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to share something a little different. Now I love nail polish and nail art, and I typically change my mani a few times a week (depending on my school/work/home life and schedule) but I've always had fairly weak nails. I'd get them to the length I love, and inevitably something would happen that would leave me with shorties again. Then I met a fabulous lady, Ana, on a local polish Facebook group who was the creator of Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil. The Bliss Kiss alone has been a nail life changer, and better yet, Ana's site, NailCareHQ is positively jam packed with info on nail care and health. After reading many of the articles on NailCareHQ and applying a great deal of the advice from Ana, I decided to try gel polish, and put to use Ana's article for Fab Five Polish Wrap technique and gel polish removal. Since I've started using gel, I'm able to keep my nails as long as I want them for the most part, and they've held up pretty well against all the abuse I tend to put them through. The removal process seems to me, to be the key to using gel polish successfully with healthy nails.
 I started using Red Carpet Gel Polish a few months ago to see if it would improve the overall strength of my nails. But don't mistake my meaning for 'strength' as using gel as a nail strengthener, (Ana has an article on that too), but rather using as topical 'armour' for my ails. My nails having been growing faster and longer since I've learned how to take better care of them, but I'm also kind of rough on them, so they still break and chip from time to time. Being a do-it-myself kinda gal with an ego that usually drives me not to wait for my hubby to fix/do/repair something (and sometimes my pride just gets the better of me and I'm determined to do it to prove I can = ego), I'm constantly knocking or bumping them or manage to get them snagged on something that results in some kind of breakage.
I've tried about 3 different kinds of gel polish products, KISS, Sensationail and Red Carpet - so far, I found that Red Carpet is the best for me, with Sensationail a very close second. Removal is faster with Sensationail, however, I feel that Red Carpet holds up better against my abuse. I'm also still able to change my polish/art a few times a week without having to reapply the gel each time. Usually it lasts about 10 days for me, and I usually remove it by then because my nails have grown out enough that the gel line bothers me. Yes, the application takes longer than just applying non-gel polish, but for me, the extra time once every 10 days or so is completely worth it.
Here is a video on the application process that I do, it's pretty much just the manufacturer's instructions, minus the color polish application, with a few of my own tips/tricks thrown in. I'll have a video up on removal another time.
Have a great day everyone!!

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