Monday, July 21, 2014

Maybelline Summer 2014 Bleached Neons, and MoYou London Stamping

Happy Monday everyone!

I have a lovely stamped gradient today with the Maybelline Summer 2014 Bleached Neon set, which was given to me by my lovely friend Tracy, who is in my local Facebook polish group. I totally missed the train on this set when they were out, and Tracy was so sweet to send them to me! This happened to be excellent timing as my new MoYou Bridal Plates had come in the day before - so naturally I had to use them together!
The Maybelline polishes are, from left to right: Citrus Collide, Bleached in Peach, Coral Heat, Pink Punch, Ultra Violet, Lime Accent, and Day Glow Teal.

To start my gradient, I used a base coat of Cult Nails Tempest, which is in my opinion, one of the best whites to be had.
Cult Nails Tempest

Then I tried out the glue method for reduced clean up around my cuticles and finger, and used a latex-free makeup sponge to apply the gradient effect. I was really happy with the glue, it definitely helped cut down on clean up time and was easily removed. 

This is after a complete clean up. 

I almost stopped there. I mean, common, how awesome are those colors!?!? Tracy wasn't kidding when she said this was one of her favorite sets, I'm pretty sure they're going to be mine too!
But, my MoYou plates called to me, and I couldn't ignore their songs!
Let me pause right here and give a HUGE thank you to Beaching Nails who is my stamping superhero. Thanks to her video on YouTube, How to pick the Perfect Stamper for you I was able to figure out which stamper I work best with, and also a new way for me to stamp. Instead of rolling like I usually do, I decided to use my marshmallow stamper and apply my nail to stamper and press down that way. Let me tell you, it was a nail stamping life changer for me, kids. Hands down this is my best 'most consistent' and 'lined up' stamping attempt for me yet. Not gonna lie, I totally squealed when it worked out. 
The plate is Bridal 06 and the stamping polish is Sinful Colors Back in Black. 

I still need lots of practice, but my stamping came out really well for me, especially on my left hand (which of course I forgot to photograph). 
I topped this off with a few dabs of Wingdust's Dancing Queen and Poshe topcoat. 
So yeah, this mani's pretty much made my whole week!