Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lead Light Technique

Hi friend! Long time no see, eh?? ;-)

Today I tried the Messy Mansion's Lead Light Technique with the white glow in the dark polish from Polish Me To Go as my base. Then I stamped with Sinful Colors Back to Black and Pueen Buffet plates 64 and 72.
I was so excited to find some Sally Hansen's Triple Shine jelly polishes at Target the other day and scooped up Jell-ous, Grape Jelly and Sea Through. I used Jell-ous and Grape Jelly for the flowers and Sea Through for the stems and a couple of leaves, then tried to kind of gradient them on a few flowers. I need some practice, but they still turned out pretty good for my first time. The glow in the dark was a great feature for this too. You can see a hint of color and shading in the dark, but the stamp is still so clear.

I'm so pleased with how this turned out! I can't wait to try more (and of course, scoop up the rest of the Sally Hanson's jellies!!


  1. Wow they turned out awesome! So cool that the nails glow in the dark too.

  2. SO beautiful. I love the look in the light and the way the flowers show up in the GitD is very cool.