Monday, March 24, 2014

Influenster VoxBox - Optic White

Hi Reader,

Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest! How's the weather in your neck of the globe?
I was very pleased to be a part of the OptiWhite VoxBox from Influenster this past month, and try a few products from Colgate.

In this VoxBox, there was a travel sized tube of Colgate Optic White toothpaste, the Colgate Optic White plus Built-in Whitening Pen, and coupons for the toothbrush. 
The Optic White toothpaste was really nice to use; I was pleasantly surprised how light the flavor was, not overpowering to me at all - always a definite plus in my book - and I will probably purchase it next time it's time to restock on toothpaste. 
Now the toothbrush was kind of odd to me - the regular soft bristles were nice, not to stiff. But there are a few wider 'bristles' that are shorter in the middle with a texture on the tip that I didn't care for as they were a bit abrasive and just felt odd against my teeth. 
The Whitening Pen fits neatly into the bottom of the toothbrush and snaps securely, I didn't worry about it slipping out at all, and it's not difficult to remove. It's easy to apply the whitening gel to teeth and the tip is easy to clean off, I usually just wipe it off with a damp paper towel. 
I'm a big coffee drinker so my teeth are more susceptible to staining because I refuse to give up coffee. This is a before picture. This was taken in sunlight (shocking, I know! Sunlight in Seattle!! It does happen, I promise) 

And an after picture: this is indoor light, sorry, no sunshine the day I took this. :-/  This is 2 weeks after using the products from the VoxBox, as directed with the included instructions for the product use. I did experience a slight increase in sensitivity in my teeth, but for me that's pretty typical when I use whitening products of any nature.  

I can tell a slight difference after using the Colgate Optic White toothpaste, toothbrush and the Whitening Pen, but over the counter whitening products haven't proven to be very effective for me as opposed to the prescribed dental whitening. I've heard that some other VoxBoxers have had better results and have decided that my teeth are just difficult to whiten, so don't let that stop you from trying it. It looks like it retails for about $13 dollars at Wal-Mart so if you've had good luck with over the counter whitening products, then it might be worth a try. 
Influenster is a fun program if you like to try out new products and review them. Email me if you would like an invitation. :-)

These products were purchased by me for personal use and enjoyment. I was not compensated  for this review, however this product was provided to me at a discount. Any and all opinions are formed from my personal experience. My experience with this product is unique and may not be shared by other consumers. Applications vary from person to person along with the products used in conjunction with this product. 


  1. What a nice box with some great items to try out. I can see a bit of a difference too.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I have fun with Influenster - it's free, you can participate at your own pace and they give you plenty of time to try out the products and review them.
      Thanks so much for reading! :-)