Monday, March 31, 2014

Girly Bits - Remembering Aja

Happy Monday everyone!

Well it' Spring Break where we are, and even though my kiddo loves school, she was pretty excited to have a few days of staying up late and sleeping in! Kind of stinky timing as I'm back to school for Spring Quarter on my end, but she and I still intend to party somewhere in there :-)

Today I have a beautiful polish made by Pam Heil at Girly Bits Cosmetics in remembrance of a beautiful young girl who was taken at far too young an age. Before we get to the polish, a little history of who Aja is.
Aja Chandler was 11 years old when she died in an accident as a result of playing a scary game called The Choking Game. This game involves self-asphyxiation as a means of inducing a temporary 'high' using any kind of item that can assist in the act of choking the person. Having a daughter only a couple years younger than Aja, this really jolted me into realizing that yes, it CAN be my child. Please speak to your child about the dangers of this game, and any kind of activity that promises them a 'high.' Peer pressure can be dangerous at any age and no one is immune.

Girly Bits Remembering Aja:
A beautifully brilliant purple - Aja's favorite color - with holo that just doesn't stop. This is 2 regular coats in sunlight with no topcoat. The formula is great, jam packed with holo - it does dry quickly, I found, so you'll want to move along with your application, but the great brush makes that a breeze.
I purchased Remembering Aja and several other Girly Bits polish from Gloss48 during a special they were having last month.
One of the other polishes purchased was Get Weaponized, another stunning holo that rocks a teal shade, (another post to come on that lovely little bottle) and decided to use it for a gradient. I applied it with a disposable eye shadow applicator. I absolutely LOVE these two polishes together. We were fortunate enough to have several days of sunshine here so the holo was completely exploited! I got so many compliments on these!
This picture features Remembering Aja with Get Weaponized on the tips and a topcoat of Glisten & Glow's HK Girl in my lightbox.

Did I mention the sun was out!?!? Here they are again under direct sunlight! This was a day or so later after application. 
Yeah, I couldn't stop staring at my nails, or taking pictures as you can tell! :-)
I was REALLY impressed with these polishes - they are my first Girly Bits and they did NOT disappoint! I wore Remembering Aja for about a day and half without a topcoat before I applied Get Weaponized, then topped them off with Glisten & Glow's HK Girl. That lasted for 4 days before the topcoat peeled off (I bumped my finger pretty good) my pointer finger on my left hand, but to my surprise the polish held on for dear life! It stayed on for another full day without chipping or peeling and the only reason that it came off is that I took it off for another mani! I don't think I've had a polish stay on so aggressively after the topcoat comes off! 

Girly Bits Cosmetics  is a Canadian made polish, but don't despair my U.S. and International polish lovers!
U.S. buyers can purchase from their website, along with purchasing from Llarowe. Other distributors are: 

Trust me, this is a must have brand for your collections!!! 


  1. This is gorgeous. What an amazing color to remember Aja by.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for helping to bring awareness to the dangers of the choking game. And of course for remembering Aja ♥