Monday, March 31, 2014

Girly Bits - Remembering Aja

Happy Monday everyone!

Well it' Spring Break where we are, and even though my kiddo loves school, she was pretty excited to have a few days of staying up late and sleeping in! Kind of stinky timing as I'm back to school for Spring Quarter on my end, but she and I still intend to party somewhere in there :-)

Today I have a beautiful polish made by Pam Heil at Girly Bits Cosmetics in remembrance of a beautiful young girl who was taken at far too young an age. Before we get to the polish, a little history of who Aja is.
Aja Chandler was 11 years old when she died in an accident as a result of playing a scary game called The Choking Game. This game involves self-asphyxiation as a means of inducing a temporary 'high' using any kind of item that can assist in the act of choking the person. Having a daughter only a couple years younger than Aja, this really jolted me into realizing that yes, it CAN be my child. Please speak to your child about the dangers of this game, and any kind of activity that promises them a 'high.' Peer pressure can be dangerous at any age and no one is immune.

Girly Bits Remembering Aja:
A beautifully brilliant purple - Aja's favorite color - with holo that just doesn't stop. This is 2 regular coats in sunlight with no topcoat. The formula is great, jam packed with holo - it does dry quickly, I found, so you'll want to move along with your application, but the great brush makes that a breeze.
I purchased Remembering Aja and several other Girly Bits polish from Gloss48 during a special they were having last month.
One of the other polishes purchased was Get Weaponized, another stunning holo that rocks a teal shade, (another post to come on that lovely little bottle) and decided to use it for a gradient. I applied it with a disposable eye shadow applicator. I absolutely LOVE these two polishes together. We were fortunate enough to have several days of sunshine here so the holo was completely exploited! I got so many compliments on these!
This picture features Remembering Aja with Get Weaponized on the tips and a topcoat of Glisten & Glow's HK Girl in my lightbox.

Did I mention the sun was out!?!? Here they are again under direct sunlight! This was a day or so later after application. 
Yeah, I couldn't stop staring at my nails, or taking pictures as you can tell! :-)
I was REALLY impressed with these polishes - they are my first Girly Bits and they did NOT disappoint! I wore Remembering Aja for about a day and half without a topcoat before I applied Get Weaponized, then topped them off with Glisten & Glow's HK Girl. That lasted for 4 days before the topcoat peeled off (I bumped my finger pretty good) my pointer finger on my left hand, but to my surprise the polish held on for dear life! It stayed on for another full day without chipping or peeling and the only reason that it came off is that I took it off for another mani! I don't think I've had a polish stay on so aggressively after the topcoat comes off! 

Girly Bits Cosmetics  is a Canadian made polish, but don't despair my U.S. and International polish lovers!
U.S. buyers can purchase from their website, along with purchasing from Llarowe. Other distributors are: 

Trust me, this is a must have brand for your collections!!! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Influenster VoxBox - Optic White

Hi Reader,

Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest! How's the weather in your neck of the globe?
I was very pleased to be a part of the OptiWhite VoxBox from Influenster this past month, and try a few products from Colgate.

In this VoxBox, there was a travel sized tube of Colgate Optic White toothpaste, the Colgate Optic White plus Built-in Whitening Pen, and coupons for the toothbrush. 
The Optic White toothpaste was really nice to use; I was pleasantly surprised how light the flavor was, not overpowering to me at all - always a definite plus in my book - and I will probably purchase it next time it's time to restock on toothpaste. 
Now the toothbrush was kind of odd to me - the regular soft bristles were nice, not to stiff. But there are a few wider 'bristles' that are shorter in the middle with a texture on the tip that I didn't care for as they were a bit abrasive and just felt odd against my teeth. 
The Whitening Pen fits neatly into the bottom of the toothbrush and snaps securely, I didn't worry about it slipping out at all, and it's not difficult to remove. It's easy to apply the whitening gel to teeth and the tip is easy to clean off, I usually just wipe it off with a damp paper towel. 
I'm a big coffee drinker so my teeth are more susceptible to staining because I refuse to give up coffee. This is a before picture. This was taken in sunlight (shocking, I know! Sunlight in Seattle!! It does happen, I promise) 

And an after picture: this is indoor light, sorry, no sunshine the day I took this. :-/  This is 2 weeks after using the products from the VoxBox, as directed with the included instructions for the product use. I did experience a slight increase in sensitivity in my teeth, but for me that's pretty typical when I use whitening products of any nature.  

I can tell a slight difference after using the Colgate Optic White toothpaste, toothbrush and the Whitening Pen, but over the counter whitening products haven't proven to be very effective for me as opposed to the prescribed dental whitening. I've heard that some other VoxBoxers have had better results and have decided that my teeth are just difficult to whiten, so don't let that stop you from trying it. It looks like it retails for about $13 dollars at Wal-Mart so if you've had good luck with over the counter whitening products, then it might be worth a try. 
Influenster is a fun program if you like to try out new products and review them. Email me if you would like an invitation. :-)

These products were purchased by me for personal use and enjoyment. I was not compensated  for this review, however this product was provided to me at a discount. Any and all opinions are formed from my personal experience. My experience with this product is unique and may not be shared by other consumers. Applications vary from person to person along with the products used in conjunction with this product. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My First Video Tutorial

I did a video tutorial!!! Be gentle, it's my first time! ;-)
This video is on All Season Professional's Wrap Kit that I found at Sally's Beauty Supply and used it as a nail repair. I really love this product, it's worked wonders.  
Let me know what you think! 
Ciao! xoxo

Here is the link directly to YouTube.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Uniquely Younique

Alrighty my friends - you all know that nail polish is the typical venue around here but occasionally I post about the VoxBoxes I get from Influenster (I have some invitations if you're ever keen to try them out) but for the most part, I gush about polish.
But today I have something completely different to gush about. COMPLETELY!
My friend Vanessa, whom I've had the honor of meeting and working with in a nail polish venture, got hooked on a make-up company called Younique. Younique was founded by Derek Maxfield and his sister Melanie Huscroft who built the company 'around the core values of simplicity, spiritual enlightenment, positive influence and the celebration of inner and outer beauty' and 'firmly believe that all women should feel valued, smart, and empowered through opportunities of personal growth and financial reward!'   Younique, Meet the Founders of Younique
I'm a sucker for trying new things makeup and polish, and when Vanessa told me about Younique's best selling product, Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, I told her HECK YEAH!!  So today I'm pleased to show you this product.

Applying the 3D Fiber Lashes is a 3 step process, and according to the instructions Younique recommends that you start with a thin layer of your favorite mascara, but you don't have to. I've tried it both ways and I like using my regular mascara as a base, I think it helps maintain the shape of your lashes while the Fiber Lashes are applied.
There are two tubes for this process, the long tube is the Transplanting Gel and the shorter one is the Moonstruck Natural Fibers - I would encourage you to have both of these tubes unscrewed and ready to go in your hand while you apply them as the Transplanting Gel will dry quickly on your lashes so you will get better results if you apply the Natural Fibers as soon as you can.
  • Step 1: Apply the Transplanting Gel to your lashes just as you would mascara
  • Step 2: Immediately apply the Natural Fibers where the Transplanting Gel was applied
  • Step 3: Apply another coat of the Transplanting Gel to seal in the Natural Fibers
Repeat again if you want additional volume/length. Be sure to wiggle the Transplanting Gel want from the base of your lashes (without touching your lid) to build up volume. 

Right eye (left, as you look at it) has Younique's Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, left eye has no mascara. This was my first, original application, in my car while I waited to pick up my daughter from school. I was so excited to try it that I just couldn't wait to get home to apply it!

 On the left are my lashes with a light coat of my regular mascara - you can see that the lashes only barely extend past my upper lid. On the right, is after one application of the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes, you can see how much further they extend past my upper lid. 
I'm really impressed with this product - it's very simple and easy to use, but definitely packs a punch. You can use it for everyday wear or keep it for going out and it lasts as long as you need it it. The formula is water resistant but washes off with regular soap/face wash and/or makeup remover.
If you're interested in the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, go check out Vanessa's Younique Store Page for more details as well as other Younique products. I purchased the BB Flawless Complexion Enchancer and the Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel and I'm equally impressed with these. (I'm going to do a review on these later)
You can also join Vanessa's Younique Facebook Group for details on new products and maybe even a super secret special giveaway or special! Be sure to tell her that Charis sent you! xoxo

These products were purchased by me for personal use and enjoyment. I was not compensated  for this review, however this product was provided to me at a discount. Any and all opinions are formed from my personal experience. My experience with this product is unique and may not be shared by other consumers. Applications vary from person to person along with the products used in conjunction with this product. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pueen Nail Stencils

While I was stalking the Pueen Cosmetics on Amazon site for the 24B Stamping Buffet Set I came across their new nail stencil set, and since their stamping plates have had such great reviews I thought I would give it a try...that and I was in the mood to buy and with the stamping set I wanted not in yet, this was my secondary purge purchase. :-) This post is my first experience with the stencils and my initial impressions, so it's rough and raw.
These little bad boys come in 8 designs in screw-top plastic containers (which will definitely be repurposed for some kind of snazzy storage) and with their advertised 'over 600 stencils included'  that averages about 75 applications for each roll = potentially 7 manis in each roll if you used on all 10 fingers. Each roll is 1 inch wide and 78 inches long. There are instructions on the back of the product tag.
Amazon Link to Image
Here you can see the design area on the stencil roll. It's a smooth black tape like product with the images cut out and a clear plastic backing. The rolls are easy to handle and it isn't difficult to cut the stencil to the size you want and remove it from the backing.
I'm going to pause here for a moment and take a moment to suggest that these little doodads might be quite handy for making decals - while I haven't tried it as of this post, in theory they should work great. If you decide to try it, be sure to let me know!
Ok, onward we go my lovelies. 

The instructions on the back of the Pueen product tag are as follows: Please note that grammatical errors are theirs, I have copied the instructions exactly from the company. 
NOTE: when placing the stencil on an existing nail polish layer, please make sure that layer is totally dry before applying the stencil. 
  1. Cut the design from the stencil strip as desired and then peel off the stencil gently from the backing paper. 
  2. Position the stencil on your nail as desired and make sure that it's flat and well stick in all areas covering the nail. Please snip and wrap the ends if the stencil doesn't lie flat. 
  3. Apply moderate layer of nail polish on top of the stencil. Please be sure to get all the hooks and crannies covered. 
  4. Peel off stencil immediately after applying the nail polish. Please be carefully not to twist the stencil or damage the shape. Let the nail polish dry and add a top coat to finish the look. 

 As you can see in the photo on the left, I have already stenciled on my pointer finger and thumb (not pictured.) I used the same stencil on my pointer that I used on my thumb, testing to see if I could get at least 2 uses out of one section of the stencil. While the application on my pointer finger is a little bit sloppy, I'm going to chalk it up to my own personal impatience and first timers syndrome. Now on my middle finger, I cut the stencil in half, using the unused half for a new application, again to see if I couldn't get 2 uses out of the stencil in a different fashion. 
I didn't paint the polish too thick, but I used Polish Me To Go in Yell Oh Mint on this finger, Snow Glow on my pointer finger and Pinky Promise on my ring finger. 

Here is what it looks like when the stencil is peeled away. The stencil is flexible and should be removed carefully so you don't smear the polish. You can see that there is a bit of bleeding with a few of the cut outs, but I was able to take my dotting tool and kind of push it back into shape.
I tried using acrylic paint on my pinkie, but the paint wasn't thick enough and when I pulled the stencil off the paint didn't stay in formation

Glow in the dark results!

All in all, I'm excited for the potential of these stencils. I can see the appeal for them, they don't take a great deal of time, require many tools or a certain kind of polish. It will  provide an artistic outlet without having to stamp or hand paint and I think that as I play with them it's going to be a lot of fun. If you decide to purchase these or already have them, let me know what you think! I'd love to see how they work for others. 
Cheers! :-) xoxo

These products were purchased by me for personal use and enjoyment. I was not compensated in any manner for this review and all opinions are formed from my personal experience. My experience with these polishes are unique and may not be shared by other consumers. Applications vary from person to person along with the products used in conjunction with this product.