Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lucky Me Finding Lucky 13 Lacquer

Hi everyone!

Well, back again I am from an unexpected hiatus. I came down with quite the bloggers block after life decided to throw me some character building situations which redirected most of my focus. During that time, I really let my nails go, and broke several of them off. I'm ashamed to say that I even caught myself reverting to biting a few nails. It was BAD!
But, onto a new year and with it comes new resolutions.

Let's start this renewed blogging adventure with a new-to-me Indie Maker, Lucky 13 Lacquer. I recently joined a Facebook group for Pacific Northwest comrades-in-polish and we had our first get together a few weeks ago - it was a blast!  Ms. Lucky 13 Lacquer is in our lovely group and while my bank account curses her brand, I was very pleased to meet and visit with her. As you will see in my photos, my nails were extremely pleased to make her acquaintance!
First up is Cliffs of Heaven, inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation. Described by Lucky 13 Lacquer as 'a teal crelly with linear holographic effect', this polish has a fabulous formula to match it's exquisite color. The brush was a great size and a smooth application was easy to achieve as it self leveled quite well and dry time was very pleasant. This manicure features two regular coats and a top coat of Posche.
The unfortunate side of this picture is that I absolutely failed at capturing it's holo holiness, so it's probably best if you just snag a bottle for yourself and experience the Cliffs of Heaven personally. ;-)
Cliffs of Heaven 
For my purple lovers out there, Lucky 13 Lacquer has another Star Trek themed polish - this is The Tempest and is described as a 'purple crelly with linear holographic effect.' 
Once again, this polish's formula equals it's beauty with a wonderful application. I decided to do a half moo manicure with a base of Cliffs of Heave, topped with The Tempest and alternating silver and gold colored round studs from the Born Pretty Store and a top coat of Posche.

The Tempest over Cliffs of Heaven
 I wasn't able to photograph Cliffs of Heaven solo in the sunlight, but this is second best, and yet still seems inadequate to reflect the beauty of these polishes.
Sunlight of Tempest over Cliffs of Heaven

  Lucky 13 Lacquer can be found on Facebook, and for complete collection images and review, I encourage you to check out Accio Lacquer, who's done a stellar presentation of these polishes and more of Lucky 13 Lacquer polishes. You won't want to miss them!

These polishes were purchased by me for personal use and enjoyment. I was not compensated in any manner for this review and all opinions are formed from my personal experience. My experience with these polishes are unique and may not be shared by other consumers. Applications vary from person to person along with the products used in conjunction with Lucky 13 Lacquer polishes.  


  1. Love that half moon mani you created! Works so well with the purple and blue :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! And thanks for reading :-)

  3. HOLLA to the Pacific NW Polish Group!!! I <3 that group!!! :D