Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Star struck for Star Crushed Lacquer

'So starstruck, baby can you blow my heart up?
I'm so starstruck...'    Are you totally stuck on that song now?!? Gonna hear if for the rest of the day, aren't cha! HA!

Well my friends, I've been away for awhile due to school obligations, but I'm on the home stretch of that (THANK HEAVEN!) so I'll be able to get back to more pleasant computer work i.e. nails and blogging!!! Weeee!

Today's post is the introduction of a new polish brand and line. I was so excited to be able to purchase during her launch, and I have to say that the lovely owner of StarCrushed Lacquers has some really great things going on.
I have for you today, Magenta with an accent nail of Turquoise from Star Crushed Lacquers on Etsy.
Magenta is a fabulously luscious and striking magenta purple polish with a perfect amount of small holo glitter, giving you a rainbow to match your polish.
First up, I noticed that the formula didn't hardly require any shaking, the pigment was even throughout the bottle, both from the outside view and when I took the lid off. This was in a full size 15ml bottle.
 When I first opened Magenta, the formula was really thick and while I did give it a go initially, I decided that it was too thick and added a few drops of Seche Vite polish thinner. (which I might add, that I was VERY nervous using on an indie polish, but so far so good with my bottles)  I added a few drops, shook it thoroughly and added a few more, shook it again - baby I was in business! Now having said that, I kinda like thicker polish, so I left it fairly thick by some other indie formula standards, but still properly flowable. As of this post, I haven't thinned it out anymore and as I'm checking the consistency now, it's held to the thickness I left it at on Friday.
So once I got it thinned out a bit, the formula was pure perfection, my friends, pure perfection. It went on fairly evenly but self leveled like a champ where I was unsteady and impatient with my strokes. Dry time was above average time and  dries a bit matte-ish look and with texture due to the ever so dashing sparkles.
Now honestly, at that point, I actually kind of wanted to leave it like that, and I decided against taking a picture of that stage at this point (because I have 2 other SCLs to show you) and because in my order the sweet lady at StarCrushed Lacquers included a sample bottle of her top coat, and I was excited to try it.
My friends, I had fallen deeply in love with my Poshe top coat; deeply. I love HK Girl from Glisten & Glow for sure, but when I'm in a rush, I always use Poshe because it dries way faster and it's meant to be used on wet polish.

Oh my sweet readers, I think my beloved may have Poshe met its match with SCL's High Shine top coat. (which by the way is also 3-free) The top coat applied perfectly; it was thick but applied slick as a whistle, leveled out without questions, and dried to the touch in 3 minutes. About 2 1/2 hours later, my nails didn't even have that 'wet but stable' feel to it. And as I'm typing this post out on Monday night, there's minimal tip wear which has come from dishes, the cleaning of the kitchen and living room for family, a BBQ prep, cleanup, showers, kiddos baths, laundry and my dreaded final project paper due on Saturday. Yes, I think this new High Shine top coat and are at the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Ok so I got a little lost in the wondrous shiny that is the top coat, and while I'm not going to do a complete review on Turquoise, I will say that it is a beautiful shade of blue, with the same sparklies as Magenta. But more on that in another post. You'll just have to be starstruck with this one for now ;-)
You can find Star Crushed Lacquers on Etsy - they've still got some great sales on their polishes going on, you won't want to miss it!
Until next time friends! Ciao!