Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sea Glass - Beauty from nature in polish

Hi friends! Today I have a review and nail art for you, with polish from 6Harts Polish.
Today's post features a review of Sea Glass, with nail art that includes Summer Skies and Glacier, all from 6Harts, and first up is Sea Glass, a beautiful grey polish.

 Sea Glass is an amazing polish and so difficult to photograph! The base is a beautiful storm cloud gray, all thick and luscious - but that's not even the beginning of this polish - ohh no my friends. Scroll down for details

Let's get some of the important info of the polish going first, the formula for Sea Glass is fabulous, as is customary for 6Harts polish. I had no application issues and this is three regular coats with no top coat in this photo. There were a couple of bubbles, but that was entirely my fault for not letting it set properly in between coats, too impatient. :-)
 Clean up is easy and there was no staining.

Are you ready for the next part?!?

Here is the mysterious features of this polish - it's subtle but powerful 'glass flecks' which can deceive you into thinking it's not so sparkly, but then it just absolutely lights up the polish when you see it from different angles. The flecks can turn light yellowish, light purple, and light teal blue, but that's just what the camera was able to capture, there are several other colors that I just couldn't capture.
Isn't it fabulous?!

I really think the name Sea Glass fits this polish, it's unique and full of beauty.

  I decided to do a dotticure with Summer Skies and Glacier, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I received several compliments on the colors. 

6Harts Polish can be found on her Etsy store, or on Facebook and Pinterest - though she's on vacation until July 8th. You should definitely go check it out after she re-opens.
Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo

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