Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Product Review from KKCenterHK

Hello my friends!

Today I have a new-to-me product from a company called KKCenterHk from Hong Kong, who contacted me a couple of weeks ago to do a review two of the many products they offer on their website.
They offer several different beauty products from false eyelashes, makeup, to a variety of nail and hair products/accessories and website is easily navigated with shopping and checkout being a breeze. I was sent nail foil and nail glue to review for this post.

First up for review is a silver patterned nail foil - N.NAIL Silver Diamond Hidden Pattern Nail Foil
This was the first time that I've worked with foils, and had no clue as to what to expect, but the instructional video on the website page of the product was helpful.
I'm going review the instructions, as there were a few details that I had to learn from trial and error.
Here are the things you will want:
Nail foil
Nail foil glue
Regular nail polish (non-textured)
Cotton swab
Acetone (or your fav nail polish remover)
Polish clean up brush

I cut some of the nail foil into 'finger sized' pieces to make it easier to apply to my nails.

First up, is to paint your nails with nail polish and let it dry completely. I would recommend that you not use a top coat, the first finger that I tried had a top coat and the foil glue didn't adhere very well, so I redid it. I used one coat of a-England's Lady of the Lake, cleaned up, and let it dry.

Next, I applied one coat of the nail foil glue; the glue is white when applied, and turns translucent when it is ready to have the foil applied, as you can see the difference between my pinkie, which I did first, and my first finger.

Then carefully lay a strip of the nail foil with the shiny side up. This part is still tricky for me, and as you can see in the photos, there's a few creases in the foil. The creases are hard to get out, and I'm still working on how to keep it as smooth as possible.

Next, you want to burnish -kind of 'buff the foil with the cotton swab. This will help adhere the foil to the glue, and to smooth it out. It takes a few minutes to complete this process, as you want to be sure that you burnish the foil all over the nail until you can see it transferred to your nail, and the wrapper will be translucent when the foil releases it.

Here you can see where it has released from the wrapper and peels up easily after burnishing it well. Start by peeling it carefully from one side and watch carefully to make sure it doesn't pull the foil up with it.

Here we have the final product! I was really happy with how this attempt turned out, after the first one was definitely a learning experience.
I would not suggest putting a top coat, it seems to dull this particular nail foil.
KKCenterHk has a great variety of nail foils, and I'm looking forward to purchasing some others from them. The foils are definitely a unique look.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!

*This product was sent to me for my honest review and opinion of the product*


  1. The nails look so shiny! Great review :)

  2. Very cool! I've been wondering about foil for so long now. I have to get some :) Is this the kind that you can kind of dab on, to get the foil-y effect in certain areas?

  3. Thanks everyone!
    Jane, I'm not familiar with the dab on foil, this stuff is just smooth to the touch and doesn't stick until it touches the glue. You might be able to dab the glue on your nail and apply strips or pieces of the foil to your nail, but you'd still have to burnish the foil spots to peel off the 'wrapper'
    A dab on foil would be cool though, now I'm going to have to look that up! :-)

  4. Wow this looks amazing! you applied it perfectly :D x