Thursday, June 20, 2013

Behind The Bottle: Interview With an Indie

Behind the Bottle

Morning everyone!  

Father's Daywas Sunday; isn't that crazy?? I hope it was a great one for all of you This year just seems to be flying by so far!
Today's post is going to be a little bit different as it's not going feature a polish or nail art.  
I'm hoping that if this is appealing to you all, I will be featuring a different Polish Maker interview from time to time. I thought it would be fun to throw a lil somthin' different out, with a little bit of getting to know some of the people behind the amazeball polishes that so many of us have come to love and lust after. 
6Harts Polish was my first official response to my trolling for a chance to do a blogger review late last year, and I've been fortunate enough to make friends with the creator, Courtney Begeman Hartman. She's been so wonderful to visit with, and I'm so grateful she took a chance on me reviewing in her polishes. 
Courtney hails from the lovely state of Montana, where her busy little mind has given us the beautiful polishes stocked on her Etsy shop. Reviews on her polish from this blog can be found here and here, and other reviews of 6Harts Polish can also be found on Pointless CafeThings I Love At The Moment, and My Nail Polish Obsession, just to name a few. You should definitely check them out. 
Courtney was kind enough to answer a few personal questions I posed to her, some about polish and some about her. 
Q: What inspired you to get started in making polish? 
A: I started frankening (mixing up concoctions from existing polishes) about 2 years ago to save money-I couldn't afford polishes I wanted, so I tried to make my own version. I showed my best friend and husband, and they both encouraged me strongly to try actually making my own...I finally started collecting bottles and supplies a little bit at a time  until I got rolling.
Q: Is there anything in particular that you absolutely refuse to put into a polish? Other than the typical hazardous '3' - like any glitters or pigments? 

A: I am cautious about what I add, mostly because experimentation costs money, lol!
Q: What is your favorite part of polish making, what gives you the most satisfaction? 

A:  Ha! Seeing and hearing how pleased people are by my polishes!
Q: What's one of your top three bucket list things to do?

A: To go on a cruise with my husband somewhere tropical.
Q: What's your favorite thing to do to relax? Alone or with family. 

A: Answer: I have a lot of things that I enjoy, lol! Hmmm...playing with one of hobbies and camping with family (I know that is 2 things, but I don't have any one favorite thing to relax!!)

So there you have it! A little of the Behind the Bottle of 6Harts Polish, created by Courtney Begeman Hartman. 

Hopefully this has been a fun post for you, please do leave me some feedback and let me know if this is something you would like to see once or twice a month. Also let me know what other kinds of questions you'd like to hear from a Maker. (please refrain from asking where they get supplies) 


  1. Great interview! I love both you ladies anyway, but this was such a good idea for a post x