Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Little After Dark Party

So I'll admit that I wasn't a big fan of the whole glow in the dark polish thing when it first started. I tried a couple of store brands and wasn't all that impressed with it, but then I started seeing Polish Me To Go on Instagram and really liked the looks of the polish and ordered a mini set of the pastels.
Wow. These polishes pack a punch on every level!!
The pastel collection has 6 polishes; LOVEnder, Honey My Dew, Oh Cool Blue, Pinky Promise, Yell Oh Mint and Snow Glow.
If you're not sure about glow in the dark polishes either, I highly recommend this collection, or the neon mini set. The minis are the perfect size and will give you a great opportunity to decide what you think about them without having to spend a lot of money. The mini set was $20 (plus shipping and handling) and I definitely feel like I got my money's worth of product.
The polish itself has kind of a texture to it in it's liquid state, almost like it had really fine sand in it - but application was very easy, the polish went on well and the brush was good,  though I did have to work quickly as it dried fast. It also dries with a slight texture, not exactly a 'liquid sand' feel, a little more smooth than that, but still more like a fine grit nail file that is worn out. It dries matte with one coat, and with slightly more shine with 2 coats.
I decided to use all the colors at once, since these are not your average glow in the dark polishes - they glow the color of the polish itself, purple glows purple and so on.
 Polish Me To Go recommends that a white undie be used to maximize the glow of the polish, so I started with two regular coats of Snow Glow, then used the rest of the polishes to make a water color manicure; taking a dab or two of each polish and dropping it on my nail, then using a ziplock bag that was cut into smaller squares, I pressed the plastic onto the nail to mesh the colors together. Since it was just one application of each color, it dried matte, however I decided to put a top coat on it, so my pictures feature 1 coat of Posche.
Application, again, was easy and while they didn't stain, they were a little bit harder to clean up just because of the 'grit' to the polish. However, I love the colors, they are fabulous and vibrant.

 Per the instructions that I received with my polishes, and on the store page, I 'charged' my manicure directly under an LED light for about 5 minutes.
And there's the beginning of the amazing glow in the dark. This is in my lightbox which is in my office, no lights but you can see the hallway light on my fingers. As you can see, it's already glowing brightly.

And here we have full darkness for this picture, it is in my lightbox, in the office with hall light off, shades down, and the door closed. I just can't express to you how bold the glow in the dark feature is, and how long the glow lasts! I wore this mani several days and in the morning, it glowed as brightly as before.  I also did my toes a skittle with the colors and that is even more fun! Not only does the polish look good, it lasted several days with very little wear.
My daughter was astounded by these polishes and not only did I do her nails, but my nieces too, who insisted to me it was like fairy lights. So at sleepover time, there was quite the 'fairy' dance with the lights off.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm madly in love with these glow in the dark polishes, they are definitely unique. Polish Me To Go is currently sold out of most of the polishes right now, but if you follow them on Instagram @polishmetogo and Facebook you won't have trouble finding out when the next restock is. This collection, along with a few others, comes in minis and full sizes and is sold separately.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xoxo


  1. so cool, love that you used all the colors & they look great in the daylight (great technique) ☼

  2. Fun manicure you did with the colors! I want to try glow in the dark colors now :D

  3. This is SO COOL!! I love how glowy they are and I love that they're still so pretty in daylight.

  4. Oh wow they look brilliant! really want some glow in the dark polishes :D x