Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wanderlust Lacquer

Happy Hump Day everyone!!! Sorry for my lag in posts, good intentions yet again. HAHA!
Hopefully you all are having a great week so far! I've been enjoying some much needed sunshine in the Pacific Northwest - it's been lovely!!!
I have a new-to-me indie polish for you today - Wanderlust - and for today's review, the lovely polish Seaweed. 
Seaweed is a beautifully murky turquoise jelly with  large blue hex glitter, blended with smaller gold and green hex glitter. 
Seriously, I feel like continuing to stare at the photo til a mermaid swims past - I feel like I'm taking a dip in the Black Lake from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!!!
Seaweed can be worn alone, but for today's post, I've layered it over Cult Nails Fetish. This is two coats of Seaweed, and one coat of Posche top coat. The formula for Seaweed is just perfect, the base is smooth and applies well, the thickness is just right to hold the glitter. Another perk for me is that it's not hard to manipulate the glitter if you are particular about placement, and the base settles well even after I drug the glitter around my nail. This is also a 'No Fishing' bottle! There's plenty to be had in this bottle of blue and green glitter goodness, the large hex are plentiful!!  
Wanderlust can be found on Store Envy Here - she's got lots of other amazing polishes - a couple of which I will show you in my next posts. You should definitely go check out the store, you're bound to find something you NEED in your polish life :-) Wanderlust is also on Instagram, and there are lots of wonderful photos for you to get lost in! Happy hunting! :-)