Friday, May 3, 2013

The Wonder of Wanderlust Continues

It's Frrrriiiiiiidddddaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Well, at least for me it is, I know some of my lovely friends on the other side of the ponds have already started without us. ;-) Fine, be that way - you get to have Monday roll around before us anyways so there! tthhppttt (sticks tongue out)
Anyways, onward, ever onward! I have another beautiful Wanderlust polish for you. This one is a light, spring/summer time polish, not only in looks but in theme - and it's like a fiesta on your nails!!!
This is Rainbow Pinata - a fabulous party in a bottle! RP has a fabulous amount of blue, purple, yellow, red, orange, and green matte like shreds in a perfect milky white base. And the base is a really great shade being just dark enough to give opacity in two to three coats, but thin enough that it really allows for a sandwich look for the under layers of glitter to still be seen clearly, giving it a really great sense of depth. I also really like the fact that it's not a bright white, but almost a gravy gray/white.  Not that there's anything wrong with bright white base, but for some reason, this polish just really struck me well with this white-but-not-bright white look.
Here is one of the macro shots of Rainbow Pinata - the shards are just perfect. 

I turned up the light in this on the nail macro shot - to give you a better look at the kind of white base it gives you. Even with a brighter light, the polish remains this really great matte white look

Aren't the glitters great?? It gives the polish such a great look of suspending the glitters in the milky layers. I've mentioned before that I'm really into glitter in white polishes, and this one ranks right up there for me.  

Here is another full shot in brighter light. I couldn't quit looking at my fingers while wearing it, and again, I love that the glitters are kind of matte, it almost makes it look like a splatter on canvas to me. Actually, I think I like that description, it's like a canvas color for the base. 
Wanderlust Lacquer can be found on Store Envy - you won't regret it! Stay tuned for two more of her polishes! :-) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xxoo


  1. Love the shard glitter pieces in this polish! SO pretty :)

  2. Aren't they cool, Lisa! Love it!!

    It is fun, Jasmine! And super easy to work with. :-)

  3. Ah you described it perfectly with 'a party in a bottle' :D looks amazing!! I want! x

  4. You wouldn't regret it Char! ;-)