Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Namesake of Wanderlust.

Ok, don't fall over, I'm posting two days in a row. I know I know, I'm overcompensating for not having had regular posts the last couple of week,,,,but, but, but I just can't HELP it!!! THERE'S JUST SO MANY STINKIN AWESOME POLISHES TO SHOW YOU!!!!!!
There was a post on Nail It magazine's Facebook page the other day asking viewers what their favorite indie polish(singular form) was - and my first thought was WTF man!?!? You want me to choose?!?!?! Like, narrow it down to single digits?!?! What idiot decided to ask THAT stupid question?!?! I mean seriously, that person needs to be slapped and handed a huge basket full of indie polish and locked in a room well supplied with cotton balls and nail polish remover!!!
 Needless to say, being the rule breaker that I am, I didn't name just one indie polish, oohhhhh nooooo my lovelies  I named off like twelve!!!! Then I felt like I two timin' girl friend for naming just twelve and not others, when I CLEARLY have more than twelve favorite indies. It's like being forced to choose which of your children you like!!! Not. Happening. It depends entirely on what mood I'm in when I decide to do my nails, and even then, I spend more time trying to pick out what I want to wear, then it does for me to actually DO my nails. And that's just the polish, that's not including if I want stamping or nail art, or an accent nail,,,,,,guurrrllll don't EVEN get me started on that dilemma, shoot!
Ok, ok, I'm done with the rant. On to the polish!!!! And to make up for my wordiness, I'm going to give you two of Wanderlust Lacquer's amazingness! Warning! This is a picture heavy post today!!!
First up is the namesake, Wanderlust. Wanderlust is a soft, feminine, light sage green shimmer polish. In my picture, this is three regular coats of Wanderlust with a single coat of Posche. Formula for this polish was perfect, it applies flawlessly, blends well with no bubbles. While I used it alone here, I did try it over black, which produces a lovely muted black, which would be an awesome backdrop to galaxy nails.  I'm sure it would also be a great compliment layered over a similar color base. This polish is a beautiful color for a day when you want a little something, but not to flashy. Classic, but tasteful.

Next up is Sloth - but let me tell you, there's nothing slow about this polish - it will leave you breathless.
Sloth is a purple to pink shifting duochrome top coat. These photos feature two coats of Sloth over one coat of Cult Nails Fetish and two coats of Posche top coat.
Sloth has a beautiful formula, it had no problem doing it's thing with Fetish. Dry time was great and no clumping or bubbling. The shift from purple to pink in this polish is just stunning, I couldn't quit looking at my nails! The first four pictures are in my light box, the fifth is in sunlight.

I couldn't resist doing a little stamping - silver and purple go so well together!!
You can check out Wanderlust Lacquer on Store Envy - there's so many more polishes to check out! You won't be sorry!!!
Happy Weekend everyone! xoxo