Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rumor Has It

'Bless your soul you got your head in the clouds,
She made a fool out of you, and boy she's bringing you down,
She made your heart melt, but you're cold to the core,
Now rumor has it, she ain't got your love anymore...'   Adele, Rumor Has It

Happy Tuesday my friends! Today's post is another Indie - not to worry, I'll post more on the OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand collection in another post. 
This is yet another polish by Polish Addict just wouldn't be silenced. I haven't found too many swatches online about Rumor which is a shame because this polish definitely doesn't deserve to have just 'rumors' about it, it deserves to be confirmed!! lol 
Let me tell you my friends, Polish Addict has got it going on with her polishes! I have nothing but great things to say about them, and Rumor is no exception. 
Polish Addict can be found on Store Envy with polishes starting at $3 for her discontinued selections and personal stash items, Big Cartel where her new and upcoming items are, along with her Facebook page where you can see all kinds of reviews and photos of her polishes, and on Instagram @polishaddictnailcolor. 
Rumor is a beautiful denim colored base absolutely jam packed with small, round and hex, medium hex and square glitter in a rainbow of colors -  dark and light blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and black with some black bar glitter for good measure. It's a perfect mixture, glitter in every swipe, but not too much that it overwhelms the base = fabulous formula with easy clean up, and it didn't stain my nails!!! Wear and tear on this polish is great too, I usually change my polish pretty often, so it was something for me to keep this on for three days, and I didn't have any tip wear. 
My mani here is two coats of Rumor with two coats of Posche top coat. Rumor does dry with a bit of a texture to it due to all the glitter, but it's not bad and smoothes out well with a good top coat. If you like what you see here, you won't regret taking a peek at her store. Have a great day everyone! xo


  1. This is gorgeous. How come I've never heard of them before?? Running to see their other stuff...:)

  2. Holy cow Michelle, you've got to check them out!! Drunken Elephant is a fab one too, I've got a post on it too. She's got loads of discontinued polish on her Store Evny, then Big Cartel is her main shop with new stuff. THey are a must have!! :-)

  3. It's beautiful!! I'm going to have to check out her store now! I'm sad to say I own no indie polishes yet. The shipping always costs a fortune to get here x