Thursday, May 9, 2013

OPI - Liquid Sands Tiffany Case

Good morning my friends! 

Sorry for my absence lately, my crazy life continues to pop things into life that is messing up my regular schedule. I may even drop down to two posts a week instead of doing 3 as I have been, but I'm hoping that this week will even out and I can get back to three. (yeah yeah you've heard it before ;-o) )

I've decided to take a break from my Indie polish fixation (only briefly, don't worry) to show you some OPI Liquid Sands. No doubt that you've seen this new line from the Bond Girls Collection in other blogs, so if you haven't purchased it yet, I'm going to contribute to being the arch nemesis of your bank account and credit cards to make you lust after it even more!
I'm a huge fan of the James Bond movies, and without a doubt, Sean Connery is my favorite Bond, with Roger Moore being a close second, although I will say that Daniel Craig is definitely a competitor for a favorite. Seriously though, it's hard to compete with the older movies, they're so cheesy but classic.
Today's feature is Tiffany Case - a fabulously classic aqua blue polish which dries to the Liquid Sands signature texture. Tiffany Case was the main Bond Girl in Diamonds Are Forever, played by Jill St. John. 
 While this polish is the beautiful textured polish we've come to love from OPI, I've found that this polish has slightly larger texture particles in it compared to the Mariah Carey Liquid Sandy collection, but that doesn't stop it's ability to be a fabulous polish to work with. My manicure is two coats of Tiffany Case, thought you might be able to get away with one thick coat if you aren't in the mood to mess with two. I decided to try it with a top coat too, so my ring finger sports two coats of Posche top coat.  Some texture is still evident even with the top coat, but not as rough. This formula was fabulous to apply and fairly easy to clean up. Being a beautiful blue, it does stain a little bit, so I would encourage you to use a good base coat. If it should stain a bit as it did mine, I used a bit of warm water, soap and baking soda with a soft nail brush (toothbrush would work well too) and it comes right off if you get to it as soon as you're done removing the polish. 
I'm really impressed with these polishes, and I'm excited to try the others in the collection. 
Hope you have a wonderful day! xoxo

You can see a slight difference in the texture on my ring finger where the top coat is - it does even out the texture, without taking away from the beautiful sparkle of the polish.