Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lovely Spring with Speckled Eggs

Happy Thursday my friends!
I'm back on my Indie kick, and today's post features yet another of Polish Addict's amazing polishes, this time in Speckled Egg.
Speckled Egg is a beautiful color of an egg shell with a hint of muted grey. Contained within this lovely, delicate polish are hex glitter in light pink, blue, green, purple , along with pink and purple square glitter.

Application for Speckled Eggs is perfect, the brush is a great shape and size and the formula is wonderful, easy to work with and dries perfectly. This is two coats of Speckled Egg on her own, with a coat of Posche.

A macro shot of the awesome glitters in Speckled Egg. 

I ordered a Bottle of Suite and Tie with Speckled Egg (ok, ok, there were a couple of OTHERS too, but that's another post) and applied it to my ring finger. I really, really like it, but more on that one in another post too...I just like to tease you ;-)
Polish Addict can be found on her regular store with current products on Big Cartel store and at her Store Envy where she has discounted/discontinued products.

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  1. This color is beautiful! Love polishes with a milky base along with some fun glitters in it :)