Thursday, May 16, 2013

Forever in Love with Forever Polished

Hello my friends!
It's such a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest today!! There's actually sunshine and warm weather - don't laugh!!! We do have nice weather here too ya know! ;-)
Today's polish is a stunning blue holo from Forever Polished. You can find Forever Polished on Big CartelFacebook, and her Instagram which has lovely swatches of her polishes, but is NOT a nails only account.)
This stunning little thing is Something Blue, a fabulous blue jelly that is littered with blue holo goodness. 
My first photo is Something Blue in direct sunlight - look how dazzling  it is! It just doesn't stop being gorgeous!! This is three coats, two would be plenty, but you know how greedy I am when it comes to polish, so three it is with a lovely coat of Posche top coat. Something Blue has a smooth formula with absolutely no application issues other than it's perfect. 

This photo was taken in the lightbox - I love how it changes in different light, without losing it's fabulous color. 
Something Blue is still available on Forever Polished, along with plenty of other fabulous polishes, don't miss out on such a fab polish!