Monday, April 1, 2013

Ruby White Tips - O.M.G.

Happy Monday my lovelies! I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! We actually had clear skies and sunshine in my neck of the woods this week - it was perfect, we joined in a block party and the kids played out side for hours!!!
I have the very special privilege of writing a review of a new polish by the brilliant Laura at Ruby White Tips.
You will be able to find this polish, and many other of the amazing creations of Ruby White Tips on Etsy - they also have a website Ruby White Tips  where you can read some of the polish reviews, find out more information on the bat sanctuary that RWT supports, and there's even a mailing list that will keep you up to date with the latest news and new products.

My friends, I'm pleased to show you OMG  I....Die.... Rachel Zoe Inspired. Now I won't lie, I have absolutely no sense of fashion - no, seriously I don't. I'm a jeans a t-shirt kind of girl. Unless I'm staying home all day, then it's yoga pants and t shirts. :-) So when I got the polish to review I had to look up who Rachel Zoe was - and wow she's amazing.  What an awesome career to be able to design such fabulous attire for some of the top stars walking the red carpet. I can't imagine the versatility she has, to be able to choose so many styles and coordinate them with all the personalities she works with - that is a cool gift to have.
After learning about Rachel Zoe, this polish is perfectly named. This fashionable polish starts with a beautiful red raspberry jelly base with orange and blue square glitter (which in my humble opinion can refract some subtle purple hues in the sunlight), medium round teal glitter, and micro holographic glitter. I gasped when I saw the bottle, and wasn't the least bit disappointed when I started applying it on my nails. The formula is just right and applied easily, and the glitter to base ratio is perfection - everyone mingles and settles on your nail just beautifully, and dries with a bit of a texture to it.This polish could probably be layered over another with a similar color base, but my photos are the polish by itself, with two coats of Posche top coat. My right hand has two coats of OMG and my left hand has three coats - there isn't much of a difference between two and three coats of the polish so far as the color being much darker, but to me it did make the polish have more depth to it.
Warning: I took a lot of photos for this polish!

The teal glitter does a wonderful job of being the contrast and eye catcher of the mix, but it is more sparse than the flakies and holo glitter - so if you get greedy about it (like I did) then I recommend that about every other application, you close the bottle up and turn it up side down for about 30-60 seconds then give it a couple of good rolls in your hand and that should give you some more glitter to capture on the brush.
Trust me my friends, this is a must have polish. It's fun, fresh and classy all rolled into one. But hey, don't take it from me, grab your own bottle and discover it for yourself :-) And I'm so happy to report that RWT does ship internationally!!!!!

Here is a lovely macro I took of the polish in the sunlight. 

*This polish was sent to me from Ruby White Tips for my honest review of their product. I have received no compensation for this review, and it's contents are my honest opinion.* 


  1. This color is absolutely lovely! I am going to have to add this one to my stash! Love that pop of teal.

  2. A beautiful polish and beautiful photos too xx

  3. It's so much better in person, Kelly - but then all the good ones are!! ;-)
    Char, thank you so much!