Thursday, April 11, 2013

Polish Addiction of Polish Addict - Title Says It All

Hopefully your week is going well, and there has been lots of lovely polish for you to do lots of lovely manis with, if not, well then by golly you need a treat my dear!
Today's post will supply you with yet another polish to contribute to your addiction; that is if you don't already know this wonderful indie polish - Pretty Little Glitters by Polish Addict.
Polished Addict can be found on Instagram, @polish_addict_34 (where I first discovered her)  Facebook - My Overnight Addiction to Nail Polish -  Big Cartel - and they have a shop at Polished Addict Store Envy where there are some discontinued polishes and blog sale items.
I first found found Polish Addict on Instagram, temping me with beautiful photos of her even more beautiful polish! You should definitely check it out and see the variety of her polishes so perfectly demonstrated by her customers and swatch bloggers. I think that's one of the things I love about following indie polish makers on Instagram, and other social media platforms - you get to see all the different users either tag or hashtag the maker/polish names which gives you such an album of skin tones, colors nail shapes and lengths that can help you decide which polish should be yours.
This is Pretty Little Glitters is a smooth, milky white base littered with micro red, lavender, small white, green, purple, pink hex and medium blue, lavender, and green hex glitters. The formula is wonderful, I had no issues with applications. Because it is a milky white base, it does take about two to three applications to make it opaque, but again, the formula was great.
In this picture, I have three regular coats of PLG on (with one coat of PA's Drunken Elephant on my ring finger, more on that for another post) and two coats of Essence Better Than Gel top coat.

This is pictures has three coats on my first finger, two coats on my middle finger, and another ringer finger accent of Drunken Elephant (do you see that awesome big round black glitter?!?!?!) I wanted to show you the difference between the second and third coats - I'm sure you could do two coats of Pretty Little Glitters with white or neutral undies, but the formula dries well and it really isn't inconvenient to do three, especially when the third does the trick properly.
In case you couldn't tell, I really love this polish. I'm on a white and glitter polish kick these days - it's so fresh and happy without being over the top, you know?
What's on your nails this week?!?

Don't take my word for it, go check out Polish Addicts site today! I think she's got something for just about everyone!

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