Friday, April 5, 2013

Nail Polish Strips

Happy Friday everyone!

Today's post is on some nail polish strips by I was contacted last week by a representative asking if I would like to review a couple of their products. I had not heard of this company or products before, and was a little skeptical at first as I haven't had very good luck with nail strips and haven't seemed to care for them, but I am very glad that I gave them a try. Their website for ordering is, and there is also a Facebook Page where you can see customer pictures and comments. There is quite a nice variety of styles for the nail polish strips and foil prints, with the average price for the polish strips and foils running about $4.29 and what looks like free shipping as of right now - even for international, at least that's what I uncovered.
The products I chose for review were their Black Floral Pattern Nail Polish Strips and Speckle Nail Polish Strips. This post will feature the Black Floral Pattern and I will do a short review of the Speckle strips later. I'm also writing the post within the day that I've applied them, so I will let you know how well they lasted on the post of the Speckle Nail Strips. :-) So far, I really like them.
The instructions on the back of the package were easy enough to follow, though in my opinion, were lacking a bit in detail and grammar. If I didn't already have some experience with nail polish strips, I don't think they would have turned out so well. But again, that's just my observation.
Here are the instructions verbatim on the back of the strip package:
1) Our elaborate design and unique new environment friendly materials provides excellent air permeability and adhesion for your nails. Your choice of will hold your nails harmless from any nail polish. you may quickly beauty up your nails anytime and anywhere, without tools.
2) Choose nail sticker with an appropriate size
3) tear the transparent protective layer out to get the nails sticker
4) Align the curved edge of the nail sticker with the heel side of the fingernail
5) Push the nail sticker from the inside radically our to the edge and scrape it.
6) Remove the needless nail sticker along with the edge of the fingernail.
7) Carry out UV seal against the nail sticker according to personal requirements.
8) Clean-up; Dip your nail into warm water of 50 Celsius degrees for 8 minutes, remove nail sticker and wash it with hand sanitizer or nail polish remover.
 Here is what I did;
1) Washed my hands with soap and water, dried them thoroughly
2) I used acetone nail polish remover and wiped my nails down to remove any natural oils or soap residue.
After this, I followed directions #2-6 on the nail package, with the exceptions of using a large round dotting tool to help burnish some of the creases out (cause I'm clumsy) and seal the cuticle edge to my nail, and I used a nail file, using downward strokes, to remove the excess nail strip from the free edge of my nail.

I wasn't really sure what the meaning of #7 was, I'm assuming that this means a top coat but I decided against using a top coat just to see how they do on their own..

There are 14 nail polish strips in each package, and the shape and sizes of the strips were enough to find a close match without being too small or too large. After reading the instructions prior to application, it was evident to me that these polish strips are probably not meant to last long term, (my definition of long term is a week to two weeks for polish strips) as it is noted that removal can be accomplished with soaking your hands in warm water for 8 minutes.

The polish strips are very thin, which I like, and easily manipulated to fit properly. One of the biggest reasons I don't buy nail polish strips is because the Sally Hanson and Kiss brands I tried were thick and didn't adhere properly. A couple of times I started to apply it and realized I had it crooked, carefully peeled the strip back up and reapplied it without any apparent loss of adhesion, and the image didn't warp when peeled back. You do want to be careful not to stretch them too much, it has a tendency to create wrinkles that are difficult to smooth out.

All in all, I was very pleased with this product, I would definitely recommend it to my friends and readers, and will most likely be purchasing more products from them in the future.
*This review is my honest, unbiased opinion of the products mentioned above. While I did receive packages of the nail polish strips to review, I did not receive any compensation for the review, nor am I affiliated with*


  1. I laughed so hard at the instructions! Too funny! Very cute design though! I've never tried nail strips, but this post is making me think about it :)

  2. Charis, I'm glad that you reviewed the strips. I've tried Incoco nail strips and they are actually great! Do I use them now? No, just because I change polish too quickly! Thanks for the great review. <3

  3. They made me giggle to Erica! ;-)
    I feel the same about the strips, I just change polish too often anymore to really warrant buying them, but I would definitely recommend them to someone that prefers strips. :-)