Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Got Taped! An Adventure In a Taped Manicure

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Phew, this week has taken off with a bang for me! So much to do and I'm still running behind!
Today I have a taped mani - it's my first one - at least I'm pretty sure it is. If it's not, obviously the first one I did was so traumatic and turned out so awful that I have blocked it completely from my mind. Hey, the negative outcome of a mani can be that kind of traumatic, ok?! It happens! (especially to me)
So I decided to tape my Polish Addict mani, with the base
from my previous post of Pretty Little Glitters - for more info on where to purchase from Polish Addict , see this post
And for the contrast, I used Whimsical Ideas by Pam in Peanut Butter and Jelly. This polish has been a lemming of mine for a long time, and I'm not ashamed to say I squealed when it got delivered, and yes my lovlies, I did kind of cradle it after I unwrapped it. Miss PB&J came with a sister, Kismet's PJ's which will be flaunted in another post :-) You can order Whimsicals via email at, and can find her collections along with loads of happy Whimsical owner photos on her Facebook page
PB&J is a beautiful jelly base that I would describe as a mix between a deep strawberry to red grape jelly in color with 'peanut butter' or gold colored glitter in micro, small and medium hexes. I haven't worn it on it's own yet, so over the white of PLG it is very dark and vivid.

BUT, I wasn't done there, oh no. You all know what a jelly sammich is? Well, I decided to make an Indie Sammich!!! After I was done applying PB&J, I was in the need for some more sparkliness so I whipped out WingDust Collection's Dancing Queen and VOILA!! Unfortunately, it wasn't a sunny day which would have done better justice to these wonderful polishes, but that didn't stop me from staring at my nails all day! Dancing Queen is an eye catcher to be sure, starting out with a clear base, it boasts gold, silver, white, blue holographics in fine and course glitters.  (common, you know you're already hummin some ABBA by now! don't hold it in!!!!) 
WingDust can be found on Etsy and she has a wonderful variety of polishes, I encourage you to check them out, and dare you to walk away without purchasing at least one. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! xoxo


  1. Very sparkly! I loved your taped mani, it's lovely. I haven't done this specifically tape mani but I've been meaning to do so. I just hate that tape is so time consuming! I'm always in a hurry. lol. Thanks for the mani. I loved the PB&J polish!