Friday, March 22, 2013

Nerd Lacquer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my friends, if I died tomorrow, I would die a content polish addict. For polish gods have smiled upon my mouse-clicking finger during the epic madness that was the Nerd Lacquer restock, and I snagged I Aim To Misbehave, Shiny, Nebula and Event Horizon!
Today I have I Aim To Misbehave and Shiny for you. It was so hard to choose which polishes to try first, and I couldn't just try one!!
I've recently acquired a fondness for Butter London's Nail Foundation base coat, I really love how well it keeps polishes from staining and I do believe that it does help the polish adhere to my nail. More than likely a majority of my posts with polish will begin with this foundation; one coat of Nailtiques Formula 2 and one coat of Butter London's Nail Foundation base coat. That being stated, ON TO THE POLISH!
I Aim To Misbehave is a stunning red/purple jelly that glints with shades of blue micro glitter and burgundy pink and silver medium hex glitter. The photo on the left is two coats (though it was opaque in 1) with two thick coats of HK Girl. Photo on the left is a macro on my nail. WARNING, VERY LARGE MACROS BELOW!!! :-)
For those not familiar with the origins of the name of this amazing polish, it comes from the Sci-Fi hit TV series Firefly, and the clip from this polish's name sake can be seen  HERE,

And while IATM is truly a magnificent color, I am a bluey at heart and could not resist Shiny. This clear sky blue is beyond mega packed with shimmer, small and medium silver glitters in square and hex shapes.Both of these polishes apply without any issues and dry quickly, with a slight texture to them. If you're not a texture gal/guy, a couple of coats of a good top coat should do the trick. I used two regular coats of HK Girl on IATM and Shiny.
I'm kind of hard on my nails, and one thing that's important to me when I'm buying polish, especially indie polish since it tends to be more expensive,  is how long it lasts on my nails. Granted, everyone has different body chemistry and some polishes don't do as well as others for some as others, but I do believe that when a polish can last for several days, it makes a statement towards the quality of a polish, and the top coat for that matter. I've come to believe that a decent base coat and top coat are essential for a stable mani, but there also has to be a good polish to be sandwiched in between. I am very happy to report that 4 days of battling dish washing with gloves, showers, hair washing, 3 days of home cooked meals, office work and general wear and tear, there is virtually no tip wear.
Nerd Lacquer's website can be found HERE and on Google + - I recommend keeping a close eye on the Google + page. Apparently the actual comment about the restock date was in some comments, not an actual post.
Happy Friday everyone!! xxoo

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  1. Oh God, these are beautiful!! I can see why people chase after them!! I love them both x