Monday, March 25, 2013

Nerd Lacquer......... Continued

Annnddd the Nerd Lacquer obsession continues. Today I have Event Horizon and Nebula to show you.
I continue to be impressed with Nerd Lacquers formula, it's so wonderful to work with and have on my nails.
We shall start with Event Horizon, which is a beautiful dark teal jelly with silver, gold, blue, green, and holographic glitter. Event has the perfect consistency, and could be opaque if you wanted to use just one thick application, but being the polish snob I am, I applied two and sealed it off with two coats of HK Girl. Even with two coats of top coat, there was a slight texture to this polish, which I do like. 

 Nebula is another interstellar beauty; boasting a purple/red base Nebula pops up from outer space with  reds, pinks, and silver glitters, with some holo for extra oomph with a flawless formula. No issue with application and clean up was perfect, the base doesn't seem to stain if a mess is made.  It' will most certainly leave you starstruck with it's endless depth. My ring finger has two coats of Nebula, with two coats of HK Girl. Nebula has the same texture as Event Horizon, so if you're wanting a smooth finish, be prepared to use two or three coats of top coat. Again, I was content to just use two as it gave me the lovely deep shine I wanted but left some of the texture.

Nerd Lacquer can be found HERE and I believe that her next estimated restock is on or around April 15th - at least that's what I understood from the Google + page she's on.
If you decide to brave the restock - may the polish force be with you!!!

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