Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Magical Musings - Muggles

Happy Hump Day everyone!!
As I'm sitting here attempting to focus on my blog post, I received a very exciting email from Lac Attack. Their Facebook Page just posted an announcement that the next restock along with their Spring Collection will be available April 3, at 7:00pm EST. Her store and now Harlow & Co are your sources for Lac Attack polishes.
Today I have Muggles from her Magical Musings Collection - I snagged it from Harlow & Co on their very first stocking of Lac Attack.
Muggles is a beautiful glitter in a clear suspension base with fabulous shreds of silver, bright pink, dark purple and teal. In these photos, I've used two coats of Muggles over one coat of Sinful Colors in Dream On. Application is great, you do have to dab the glitter and manipulate it around, but that's not unexpected or unreasonable for a glitter topper. The best part is, absolutely no fishing, each dip and swipe into the bottle brings such lovely glitter goodness to your hearts content - no non magic dullness here - this polish is sure to spark your magic touch.


  1. So gorgeous!! it reminds me of the nails inc nail jewellery but multi coloured :D xx

  2. Ooo I haven't seen the nails inc. jewelry! I have to check them out! :-0