Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Got Distracted........by Cult Nail Polish

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I've been kind of on a dark polish streak these days, and when I saw I Got Distracted produced by Cult Nails, I knew I had to have it. I'm not usually a green polish girl (Space Junk is an exception), but this polish delivers in full on it's name - it will constantly distract you! I wore it to work and was constantly glancing at my fingertips! It didn't help my distraction that I received many compliments on it. ;-)
The picture on the left is my favorite bottle shot - it sums up I Got Distracted perfectly, it's like a green nebula in a bottle!.
 Filled to the brim with holographic goodness, IGD starts with a black polish base, adding emerald hex glitter to make the holo pop. It has a great formula with just the right thickness to hold plenty of glitter and holo, and dries with a very slight texture to it, in my opinion. All three of these pictures features two coats of I Got Distracted with no top coat.
Then I decided to play with Koi Pond from Rainbow Honey. Shortly after the photo on the left, I bumped my middle finger creating a chip/smudge, and so on went Koi Pond to that one as well and I love the combination!

Here is a lovely macro shot of I Got Distracted - it's such an alluring polish. This polish also stood up very well against general wear and tear. I applied one coat of Wicked Fast top coat, and it lasted three days on my nails, with minimal tip wear, with regular activity, i.e. showers, dishes, and so on.   


  1. Gorgeous!! that's a lovely polish x

  2. Thanks Char! It really is, the pics don't do it justice in life light! :-)