Monday, March 4, 2013

Holy Glitzology Ballz!

Happy Monday everyone!! Yes, I've had enough cups of coffee that I can say that without a completely dirty look, and am managing to sound more like Lurch with my 'hmmmmmmmmmmmm' as opposed to the snarling and gnashing of teeth sans a werewolf. (no disrespect Jacob)
Hey! Speaking of Jacob - Who pulled a midnight run for the new release of Breaking Dawn, Pt 2 Friday???!?!! Or were you a clever vamp and pre-ordered it??!? I haven't been able to watch it yet (gasp, I know I know, I'm a total pseudo-Twlighter) so no spoilers please!
Ok, done with the jabbering of NPR - on to the good stuff.

Switch fantasies my friends, because today I have for you Glitzology's Baby Dragon!!

Isn't it cute??!!! Baby Dragon consists of a clear suspension base packed (and I mean, you gotta sweep some glitter off the brush before applying kinda packed)  with bright fuchsia hex, matte purple shreds and bright green shreds to really bring out a dragon scale effect. This is one thick coat of Baby Dragon over Zoya's Zuza and a top coat of Cult's Wicked Fast. Application was fantastic, there was no glitter fishing here. The formula is a bit thick, but I think I've stated before that I'm starting to like that in my glitter polishes a bit thicker, for me it makes it so much easier to manipulate the glitters and get the look I want. 
Glitzology can be found on her Etsy Store and on Facebook - she's got just about every color of glitter you can find, there's bound to be something you like there! 

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  1. Gorgeous swatch hun! This looks really cool with Zuza! Great choice :)