Friday, February 8, 2013

Sweet On Rainbow Honey

Well lovlies, February is here and that means Valentine's Day. This holiday of love has been around since the ancient Romans, and while I'm sure that things of change a bit in the way of celebrating, the foundational expression of the holiday remains steadfast.
And in the spirit of new celebrations for Valentine's Day, today's post is on Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk Collection which can be found here on their website. Be warned, you will not find it easy to browse and not buy!
First, I want to show the gorgeous packaging that this collection was snuggled in. This is the set I bought from

Be Mine, Sweet Talk, XOXO are the contents of this latest collection.

First up we have Be Mine - a sweetheart cotton candy pink
polish with fabulous gold shimmer. This is now probably my most favorite pink - not too bright, but not too light either. This is two regular coats of Be Mine with no top coat. The formula was amazing and applied perfectly, clean up a breeze.

Next up is Sweet Talk - this is a beautiful white jelly with glitter that boasts the entire collection of Sweetheart Message Heart colors. The formula for Sweet Talk is a bit thicker than Be Mine, and does take a bit of patience with the application. This is two regular coats, with no top coat. I love the muted look of the glitters from the first coat underneath the second, it gives the polish such a great depth.

I couldn't resist trying a stamp over Sweet Talk, so I experimented with  Be Mine and Gilded Angel to see how it would look. Be Mine stamps well, but is a subtle color and would probably be better with a much darker base. Gilded Angel on the other hand was a good match, at least for me. 

And for the finale, we have XOXO - the perfect fuchsia hex and heart glitter in a clear shimmer base to seal your mani with hugs and kisses. XOXO has a perfect formula and I had no need to fish for glitters, the brush plucked them up from the bottle without coaxing.
This is one coat of XOXO over Be Mine - per Dee's tip from a previous mani, the glitter is best dabbed on then smoothed out.

Check out all that glitter and shimmer!
This is one coat  XOXO over Sweet Talk with no top coat. 

I hope you all liked this post; stay tuned as I have a giveaway planned. This giveaway will be for my current followers only and available internationally. 

These products were purchased with my own money - the contents of this post are my own honest opinion of the products. I have received no compensation of any form for the review. 

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