Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nail Art - Cherry Blossoms

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope you week hasn't started off too rough?

Today I have some nail art, cherry blossoms that were inspired by the Arizona Tea can - and I found several videos on YouTube but this is the first one that I found and chose to follow for my nail art Cutepolish Cherry Blossom Nails. And yes, I'm very aware that there are several others that have done this, and probably did it first, I'm not stating that Cutepolish came up with the technique solo, just that her video is what I chose to copy from.
Ok so now that all that is out of the way, here is my nail art.
I started with  two coats of China Glaze For Audrey, then applied one coat of 6 Harts Craft Co's Secret Galaxy to my ring finger (now wishing I'd done it over all my fingers!)
Then I used Cherimoya's black nail art polish to make branches, Cult's Devious Nature and Tempest to make the flowers buds, then topped it off with one coat of HK Girl.
My art work definitely needs improving, my lines are WAY thick!
What about your nail art this week? Post a link of your fav nail art you've done in the comments so I can check them out! :-)
Hope you week goes smoothly! xoxox

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  1. Very pretty. For Audrey is one of my very favorite colors