Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lac Attack - The Magical Musings Collection

Today's review is on another of Lac Attack's Magical Musings Collection, Hogwarts.
 For all the Harry Potter fans reading, Hogwarts needs no explanation - it's the ultimate school that everyone of us has wished were real at some point. For the non-Harry Potters here, well, that's ok. You can be excited about an awesome polish with a cool name. :-)
Hogwarts is a clear base, with red (Gryffindor), green (Slytherin), blue (Ravenclaw), orange (Hufflepuff) and silver (Hogwarts itself) glitter. This is three regular coats with a top coat (sorry for the tip shrinkage, damn top coat) and let me tell you, there is no fishing for glitter in this bottle my dears! As you cans see, Hogwarts can be used solo or layered over other polishes.  Lac Attack can be found on online at their store here and on Facebook here.

I have one more from this collection to show you, and hope to have it up tomorrow. Happy Saturday evening everyone! Hope you have a safe and enjoyable weekend! :-) 


  1. I like that you don't have to fish for the glitter...

  2. Thanks!!
    Yes, I don't like having to fish for glitter either Chrisie. Another glitter polish that I'm loving is Glitzology. I'll have a review of hers up soon. :-)