Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lac Attack - Durmstrang

Goodness, it's Wednesday already, and even more crazy, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow!!! Holy cow, didn't we just get done with Christmas?!?!

Today's post is part of the Magical Musings collection from Lac Attack found here - she's out of stock right now for this collection, however, if you find them on Facebook there is a link that you can sign up for a pre-order of the set of Magical Musings. I had to fight to get the few I had as I got cart jacked for the whole set and didn't understand why it would let me check out! I've seen some chatter about being cart jacked before and WOW is it frustrating!! However, I'm really glad that these polishes are getting the attention they deserve, and that it's been a successful line for Lac Attack. It's also nice to know they aren't a limited edition collection, so if you're lusting after any and all, hang in there!!!

Ok so onto the actual polish......this startling blue beauty is Durmstrang.
When they came to participate in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Durmstrang Institute's bold entrance helped set the stage for the exciting adventures to follow with their fellow wizarding students of Hogwarts and the Beauxbaton Acadamy of Magic. This polish is no different. It sets the stage for a spectacular manicure, and will leaving you with almost as difficult a time looking away from your finger tips as Viktor Krum had looking away from Hermione! Durmstrang is a stunning semi-sheer oceanic blue with matte black glitter in small and medium shards. This is three regular coats that applied perfectly with no top coat and I must say that this was a polish worth fighting for. I'm a blue lover through and through and am very happy to have this apart of my collection.
Tune in next post when I review another of Lac Attack's Magical Musings Collection.

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