Thursday, February 28, 2013

Face Off - Butter London vs. Pure Ice

Holy cow it's been almost a week since my last post - it's been a hectic week here!

Let's get to it then! Today I have a dupe/comparison for Butter London's The Black Knight and Pure Ice's Private Show. I can't tell you how excited I was to find PS in the Pure Ice section, especially since I've been eyeing TBK for a while now and have resisted purchasing it. BUT in the interest of comparing these two polishes, I felt I could no longer hold out on buying this lovely Butter London polish. And since I had a coupon, it was even further justified! ;-) I hadn't read anything on a dupe for TBK from the blogs that I've been reading, with the exception of fraken dupes, which doesn't mean anything since I've only been in the 'polish world' since August of 2012. Anyways,  I'm selfish enough to say I was kind of excited to have picked up on a dupe I hadn't previously read about. (my inner cattiness coming out) hehe
First up is, Butter London's The Black Knight - a stunning, elegant black creme with fuchsia, silver and dark blue micro glitters jam packed into each swatch. The formula is wonderful, this is two coats without a top coat. Clean up was easy peasy, and I was surprised at how the black didn't stain my cuticles.

Not sure why my hands managed to look yellow here :-/
So at least now I have a back up for both, however, the Pure Ice was harder to find than Butter London's was.

As you can see, PS is pretty much a spot on dupe for BL's The Black Knight. I had no issues with the formula and it does with a similar finish, this is two coats of Pure Ice Private Show with no top coat. Both of these polishes dry with a slight texture, and even after I applied two coats of HK Girl, it maintained a tad bit of grit to it which I was really surprised with.