Friday, January 4, 2013

Rainbow Honey - The Yokai Collection

I was fortunate (or as my wallet would rebut, unfortunate) to receive an email the other day from Rainbow Honey with a discount code in it. So naturally, I went to their site and ordered the new Holiday Collection and a couple of minis from the Equestria and Chrono Cross Collections, and of course I had to throw in a couple of cuticle balms for good measure.
While I was perusing the rest of the site, I was so excited to see that they have the Yokai Collection back in the shop.
Since my friend Amy turned me on the the marvelousness that is Rainbow Honey nail polish, I have been most impressed with the polishes I have from them, however, I must say that this collection is by far my favorite.

This is Rainbow Honey's packaging - isn't it gorgeous!
This beautiful bluesy is Kawako - the River-Child in Japanese folklore. According to legend, the kawako is a Suijin, or water deity and can have green, yellow (or as in this case) blue scales. Personally, I think a deep scaly blue is  perfect description for this polish, with an armour like depth to the color and fabulous blue shimmer and an occasional flake.
Here we have the elegant and illustrious Kitsune, the Japanese word for fox. More specifically for this spectacular polish, Kitsune is a magical 9 tailed spirit being - having 9 tails to reflect it's wisdom and power. Just imagine what it reflects on your 10 fingers!
 In Japanese folklore, the Kitsune has stories that portray it as a trickster and prankster; while others associate it with friendship, guardianship, lovers and wives. Whichever you maybe feeling; tricky, friendly, protective or sexy, this polish will step up to the line with you. Kitsune is packed full of stunning fine gold glitter, with an assortment of medium glitters such as blue, red, copper, orange, and green.

 And finally, but not least of all these lovely polishes, is Oni - the Japanese demon, devil, ogres and tolls! Rainbow Honey labels this as a Malevolent Wild Demon - and while I agree with their description that this is certainly not a hideous color, I do think that it could bring out the wild side in it's wearer. ;-)
Oni is a mysterious, deep charcoal green color with a beautiful compilation of glass flecks and a shimmering color display that will turn up the level of wickedness Oni rocks on your fingertips. (wink wink)

Well my scaly, foxy, wicked friends - that is my review of Rainbow Honey's Yokai Collection. If you were greedy enough to snag these beauties up, you already know you're not disappointed. If you didn't order these, grab what you can from the website and beg from your polish friends that did! 
 (sorry, that must be the Oni in me peeking out)   ;-)

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  1. I didn't manage to grab Kawako and now seeing your swatch and MMS having them in stock >.< I have to have it to complete my set.. Ahhhhh but they are really pretty.. I tried ONI and I love it and I have to get Kitsune on my nails soon too :p :p