Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey - The Liquid Sand Collection

For today, my lovely friends, I have the new Mariah Carey Collection from OPI. These are the 'Liquid Sand' polishes, so if you like the feel of different texture over your nails, these babies are for you.
First up we have Can't Let Go -- a fabulous grapety-grape purple with a generous variety of matte glitter. The formula was wonderful to work with, this is 3 thin coats, but it could be done with 2 regular coats to be opaque. The brush on this mini had a couple of wonky bristles, which I clipped off, but I didn't have any trouble with the rest of the brush after that.

Next up is Get Your Number, and let me tell you, if you are a blue girl/guy, this polish will most definitely have your number! This is a beautiful, bright and deep water ocean blue jelly that I just couldn't take my eyes off of. This is 3 thin coats, and while I'm noticing my nail line in this photo, I didn't notice it at all personally. I'm sure you could make it more opaque with thicker coats, I was just impatient this night. lol. I foresee this having my number in a full size bottle ;-)

This come-hither polish is Stay The Night, which is a sexy, vampy black polish with just the right amount of red matte glitters in it. I'm already in love with dark polishes, and a full size bottle of this baby is just a no-brainer! (I'm also thinking of desecrating the textured surface of this polish for some art deco style nail art?!?!)

And last but certainly not the least of these lovely trendsetting polishes is The Impossible, a perky raspberry jelly that is a guaranteed pick-me-up color. I really like the scattered darker glitters that help to bring out the color. This polish was a little harder to cover up my nail, thus a more visible nail line - this is 3 regular coats and the nail line was still as visible in person as it is here on the picture. Nevertheless, I still love it. I can totally see this being a great spring color. (and possibly another desecrated surface for nail art?!?)

If you're not sure about these polishes, go for the minis - it's a good deal at about $12 and if you just swatch a couple of fingers to see if you like it, you can always gift it or sell it!
As for me, I won't be parting with my minis, and will probably be getting a full size bottle of Get Your Number and Stay The Night.
Cheers everyone! Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Great swatches! Stay The Night is amazing <3

  2. Wow the first three looks really pretty >.< my wallet is going to hurt again!!!

  3. I love these colors and i will purchase these color very soon and i want to check these to the Google and i got few ones very interesting thank you for telling these .