Monday, January 21, 2013

Nail Art Society - Layla Metallic

Hellooooo my lovely friends. As you may have seen, I've decided on a change of name for my little blog - while I'm certainly still a novice in nail art, I've started doing more reviews of polish and makeup so I felt like it was time for a look and name change to reflect the changes in my blogging.

Today's post is courtesy of my subscription to the Nail Art Society. I was pretty impressed with this months products, although I was skeptical at the magnet polish at first. I've seen the trend and how almost every major brand has released a magnetic polish product, but honestly I haven't been interested in it until I received this. And of course it's blue, so how could it go wrong? :-)
 The contents of this months envelope: Layla Mageffect in -7 Metallic Sky, Cherimoya nail art striping polish in black, 12 clear swarovski crystals, and Stella Beauty Products tweezers.
It took me a couple of tries on one finger to decide which direction I wanted the magnet effect to display, and settled on an angled effect, which I found to be absolutely beautiful. I was shocked at how shiny the polish was even after it dried, and I was temped not to do anything further with it, but the crystals were very tempting. The first photo is one thick coat of the Metallic Sky with the magnet effect, and one coat of HK Girl. The end result is like looking at a blue cats eye chrysoberyl on your finger.
On my ring finger I used Essie's No Place Like Chrome with Cheeky plate 26. Then I used some nail glue to apply a crystal to one of the dots, and used Sinful Colors Dream On, Barry M in Blueberry i/C and Sally Hansen QuickDry in Blue By to accent the dots in the stamp. I decided not to use the striper this time, I felt like there was enough dark color in the polish itself. I sealed the ring finger with another coat of HK Girl, and went around the crystal instead of over it.
I'm really impressed with this polish, it was just the right consistency to work with and the magnet on the cap is easy to grip and place. The only suggestion I would have for the magnet, is that there could be some guides/grids around the sides of the cap to help you position the magnet easily instead of eyeballing it.
Never the less, this polish will be in my favorites bin - I may even purchase a couple more in different colors.
Let me know what magnetic polishes you have tried and liked, I'd like to check some of the other out!
Happy Monday everyone! xxoo


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  1. WOW, How did you get them so even. They sent me the Turquoise color which also is very pretty.