Friday, January 25, 2013

6 Harts Craft Company - Polish Reviews

Hello again my lovies - I hope you had a great week and have had the time to paint your nails and creating beautiful manicures.

Today's post is courtesy of 6 Harts Craft Company which you can find on Etsy. I was really excited when the dear owner of 6 Harts replied to my inquiry about doing some reviews on her polishes, and boy did she ever have such amazing polishes for me to sample!

First up is Bat Crap Crazy - and I have to say, this is one of my favorite polish names! BCC is a beautiful dark espresso colored polish with subtle gold and copper micro glitter that covers beautifully with just one coat super easy formula and smooth finish. This is Bat Crap Crazy without a top coat as I wanted to give you the natural state of this polish. I'm excited to use this as a base for some nail art and stamping. I'll post those another time ;-)

This milk chocolaty goodness is Cinnamon Glow. This rich brown polish holds emerald, red and gold glitter to make it dazzle just right. I'm not a brown girl, but I do like this polish. This is two coats (though one would be fine) and no top coat. Seriously, can't you taste the hot chocolate with cinnamon sprinkled in it swirling in your cup?  

This is probably one of my favorite polishes of 6 Harts - Glacier. What more perfect name could there be for this shimmering white polish with stunning aqua blue and forest green flecks for a must have white in your collection. This is two coats (again one would be opaque) without a top coat. I've purchased a full bottle of Glacier for a polish friend, but I'm definitely going to be needing a full one for my stash too.

The next three polishes are toppers - beautiful, beautiful polishes that are best layered, but also can be worn solo for a more subtle, shimmery look for a mani that requires not so much flare. I will warn you though, even worn solo, these polishes are not to be taken lightly for they will deliver either a stunning addition to your colored lacquers or keep your glittery/holo/shimmery needs for some kind of sparkle (even for the most serious of workplaces) satisfied.

First up is Moon Shadow - an ultra fine holo that is made to dazzle your finger tips. Truly, this delivers a heavenly, moonlit shimmer to any fingertip.
 6 Harts made this lovely topper lean towards the purple polish painters (pay attention Amy darling) but for this I've used one coat of Ulta's Wicked and an easy layer of Moon Shadow, with no top coat. I foresee this stunning combination as the canvas for many nail art manis!! Moon Shadow has a fabulous formula, just the right consistency but it does dry quickly.

Next I have Secret Galaxy. Which, when you have this baby on your nails, will certainly not keep your love of polish a secret.  This marvelous duo chrome is geared towards the Blueys of the nail polish lovers and is guaranteed to blow your socks off. I've layered Secret Galaxy over one coat of Nails Inc. Baker Street and it's just takes my breath away. Secrets formula is perfect just like Moon Shadow, it applies like a dream and dries quickly.

What Halo?! is sure to be a perfect add to your collection. Sporting duo chrome and holographic sparkly goodness, I used What Halo?! over Zoya's Asia for a bright golden look with plenty of attitude (pardon the staining of my fingers, my 6 year old was at the table with me, thus making it very difficult to keep a steady hand-I'll have more pictures on the polishes once my new light box is up and going)
There you have it my lovies, these are six of the eight polishes that 6 Harts Craft Company has to offer, with such a great formula, beautiful colors, pigments and sparkelies, she gets an A + from me. There is also a few jewelry items for sale at her Etsy shop here.  I would definitely recommend her shop, she's a doll to converse with and fabulous customer service. The only downside is 6 Harts does not ship internationally; better start hitting up your swap buddies, ladies! :-)



  1. Those look AMAZING on you...Glacier is definitely your color.....

  2. Thanks! It's such a great polish!!!